Jackie Hosking

Jackie is a Nigerian-born, Cornish Australian. She is a children’s poet and recently hatched children’s author. Her poems have been published all over the world with her preferred ingredients being rhyme and meter. In 2012 she was awarded a Maurice Saxby Mentorship where she was able to work on a number of picture book manuscripts, The Croc and the Platypus being one of them. Jackie produces the weekly Children’s Book Industry e-zine PASS IT ON as well as editing fellow writers of rhyme.

Jackie can be contacted via email – jackiehosking@bigpond.com

And these are her online blogs:

*children’s author/poethttp://jackiehoskingblog.wordpress.com/
*editor – children’s rhyming manuscriptshttp://jackiehoskingblog.wordpress.com/jackies-editing-service/
*publisher of PASS IT ON  – http://jackiehoskingpio.wordpress.com/

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