“The Visit” by Pat Simmons

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The Visit

Cautiously, creeping down the stairs,

carefully avoiding the creaks,

we stop

and take each other’s hand.

At the bottom we tiptoe,


towards the door.

Almost afraid to breathe

we slowly, gently, push it open.

Beneath the twinkling lights

sit the gifts.

‘He’s been,’ we whisper

‘He’s been.’

“Louis, the Giraffe” by Toni Newell

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Louis, the Giraffe

Louis looked down from the tree,

Which he had climbed in fear,

Looking at a little mouse,

Who appeared to be too near.

He hugged the tree with all his might,

Too frightened to climb down,

The mouse just calmly stayed there,

Not moving, making no sound.

The mouse looked up at the giraffe,

Who was clinging to this tree,

And asked, “What are you afraid of?

You’re four million times bigger than me.”

Louis moved a little higher,

Wishing the mouse would leave,

So that he could climb back down,

And his self-esteem retrieve.

The mouse got bored and scurried off,

Leaving the giraffe alone,

Louise quickly climbed down the tree,

And galloped all the way home.

Prompt#31 “The Gift”

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This weeks prompt as we head towards Christmas is gift giving.

What comes to mind when writing for children on this topic?
Have fun being creative

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And todays thought


“English is Tricky” by Tania Ingram


The English language is tricky to learn

And the sound of some letters are cause for concern.


Like, how is it how has an ‘Ow’ as in owl

When the ‘Ow’ that’s in low sounds like ‘Oh’ that’s in sew?


And why does the ‘Ew’ that’s in sew sound like ‘Oh’

When the ‘Ew’ that’s in stew sound like ‘Oo’ that’s in boo?


And if you want more, well what about war

Which is ‘Aw’ but not ‘Ar’ as in car, far or jar.


What about bear, which can be rhymed with hair

But hear rhymes with beer, and pear rhymes with mare.


And don’t get me started on bough, through and rough!

How does the ‘ough’ rhyme with cow, roo and fluff?


What about beard, which is bear with a ‘D’

But heard sounds like ‘bird’ – how can that be?


So if you’re confused, there’s really no shame

When letters and sounds simply don’t stay the same.


“Hope” by James Aitchison

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Hope is the tiny flame

That flickers inside us all.

The flame that burns brightest

In times of fear and defeat.


Hope is the thread

That binds our hearts and souls.

Hope can be seen in the vast ocean;

The highest mountain;

The valley green;

The flowers bursting new in spring.


Hope is inside us all;

Hope is all around us.

All we have to do is touch it

And hope will do the rest.