Jingle Bells

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Sioban Trimmer


The Stray, Christmas morning with teacher notes

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Teacher Notes:

English writing skills

Write a short description of what you would feel if you woke Christmas morning to not one present. Compare this to finding your Christmas wish granted had been granted.


Drawing and emotional intelligence

Draw a four frame comic showing the changes a thoughtful gift can make to a sad person’s facial expression.


Team work:

List ways the class could work together to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate folk this Christmas. With your teacher’s guidance, implement one of your class’s projects.


Make a photo diary of how you all worked to achieve your outcome as a class.


Pic and poem and teacher notes by J.R.Poulter

Opening presents


Opening  presents



We place our gift in Grandpa’s hands,

he’s having so much fun.

He reads his card and then he stands

and hugs us, one by one.


He says he’s feeling very proud,

he says we’re all so dear.

and then he reads his card out loud

so everyone can hear.


The ribbon’s lovingly untied

then folded in his lap.

The sticky tape is slowly pried

from every paper flap.


And now it’s time for us to start.

We can’t wait any more.

We rip our wrappings wide apart

and drop them to the floor.


Our fumbling fingers tug at strings

to get to what we need.

We open up our pile of things

at record-breaking speed.


The day slips by, it isn’t fair!

Why must it go so fast?

I wish I had my Grandpa’s flair

for making moments last!

Jenny Erlanger


Someone’s living in my Christmas tree!

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Someone’s living in my Christmas tree!


A monster lives in my Christmas tree;

he shakes the branches at half-past three.

The tinsel swings from side to side,

the decorations slip and slide,

Jingle-dingle!  Jingle-dingle!

Tinkly dingles intermingle.


Even if I stand up on a chair,

I can’t see him — but I know he’s there!

Then I gave him a monstrous cake,

and now he’s got a tummy ache.

There’s no more monster in my tree

so Santa Claus can come to me!


James Aitchison


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Poetry Prompt #46 continued

Now we are in December let’s get Christmas Poems out there. There is only a week of school left this year depending on which state you are in and I’m sure teachers would appreciate great Christmas poems to read to their students.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com

And this weeks quote, another from Mr Charles Dickens

Have a great week


Chocolate Box Planet 


Chocolate Box Planet


Let’s hope this won’t come as a shock

but Earth’s not made of solid rock.

Instead it’s like those fancy chocs

you sometimes get inside a box.


The centre’s dense and very hot.

And hard just like a hazelnut.

It’s mostly made from iron ore.

We label it the Inner Core.


The Outer Core’s a liquid goo

like runny toffee soft to chew.

The iron’s melted here as well

but wouldn’t taste of caramel.


The Mantle is a bit bizarre.

A kind of squishy-tough nougat.

It’s sometimes liquid sometimes not.

We call it semi-solid rock.


And finally the chocolate coating.

Thin and crisp and kind of floating.

Made from rocky plates that thrust

some bumps upon our choccy’s Crust.


Although our World’s too big to eat

and wouldn’t taste much like a sweet

a nutty chocolate compares

with eating through Earth’s many layers.


by Celia Berrell

C is definitely for Chocolate, so I enjoyed imagining a WORLD of chocolate … especially for Christmas!