A Small Dilemma

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The sun finds a hole in a cloud.

It shines on me.

‘Why on me?’ I say to the sun.

‘Because you’ve just begun.’

‘Mummy says I am three.’

‘That’s fine,’ says the sun,

‘You’ve just begun. Not me.’

I look at the sun, I can hardly see –

It’s so big and shiny and proud.

I am proud to be three

With a shine that is mine.

I smile like the sun

It’s fine.

Jaz Stutley

Monday quote

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Good Morning,

Although I have now scheduled poems from various writers up to the end of January please continue to send in any contributions as its very handy having them sitting in a folder when there are gaps during the year. Thank you to all who have contributed so far and given me permission to post from your websites etc.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Please send to: poemoftheday.jaxton@gmail.com



Pet Wish

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Pet Wish

Our neighbour has a little dog.

A cute white fluffy puppy.

It growls and howls both day and night.

Alone, it’s never happy.


A well-loved dog is like a friend

who keeps us company.

We’ll both play games and go for walks.

That’s how it’s meant to be.


I wish our neighbour’s puppy-dog

was well-cared-for like that.

No time to spend with doggy friend …

then maybe get a cat?


by Celia Berrell

Home-alone-dogs can get really down in the dumps.  Many dog owners spend long hours away from home because they work or go to school.  Owners are often unaware of how unhappy their pet gets in their absence.  I wish those lonely dogs could be happy – especially the one next door!

Nature’s Colourful Preferences

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Nature’s Colourful Preferences


“Blue and green should not be seen

Without a colour in between;

And as for the clash of green and red,

Enough, I am sure, has now been said”;

But who will give this wisdom to Nature?

Or bravely try to correct the Creator?


Life on earth is so much richer

For its clash of colours; this a feature of

Identity, movement, and time passing; of

Family, food, and enemies pausing.


Blue & green and green & red

Are seen in life and everywhere,

From the depth of the oceans

To out among the stars.

What profusion and confusion of colours !


But this procedure is not wise

When we classify people by their shape and size,

And by the colour of their unclad skin:

That shows an intellect dismal and thin.


Let blue and green be seen in the sunlight;

And red and green go dancing as one.  Right !


Bridh Hancock


Samuel Emanuel.

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Samuel Emanuel.


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

He refused to eat his toast,

And the thing he hates the most,

Is the healthy cheesy sandwich in his lunch box.



Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel didn’t eat lunch.

He didn’t like to wash his hair,

Or indeed to ever share,

And when bedtime comes at night

He’s hiding outside.



Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much.

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

He doesn’t like to pack his toys,

And he’s mean to other boys,

And when dad says time for home

He’s on the rooftop.


Samuel Emanuel’s dad was getting sad.

Samuel Emanuel’s dad was going mad.

He threw a tanty on the floor,

And banged his head upon the door.

When Samuel he saw this he was so shocked!


Samuel Emanuel didn’t like much,

Samuel Emanuel wouldn’t eat lunch.

When he saw his dad so mad,

And he started feeling bad.

He decided it was time to STOP IT NOW!


Samuel Emanuel didn’t ask much,

Samuel Emanuel ate his whole lunch.

He was happy to eat toast,

And the thing he likes the most

Is the healthy, cheesy sandwich in his lunch box.

Julie Dascoli




Our Budgies

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Our Budgies

Our pretty budgies love to chatter
Oh how they love a little natter
It’s no good asking for some peace
They keep on talking, never cease

Maybe they’re saying their name in Latin
Melopsittacus undulates, they’re chanting
Or possibly how hot’s the weather
And wonderfully cooling, to fluff their feathers

They may be talking of the crow outside
And laughing at his big backside
Or simply rejoicing at being alive
To wake up cheery at half past five.

(Sydney, Australia – 2005)

Alessandra Liverani