World Poetry Day

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Happy World Poetry Day.

“Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in the world, share the same questions and feelings. Poetry is the mainstay of oral tradition and, over centuries, can communicate the innermost values of diverse cultures.

In celebrating World Poetry Day, March 21, UNESCO recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.

A decision to proclaim 21 March as World Poetry Day was adopted during UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999.

One of the main objectives of the Day is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

The observance of World Poetry Day is also meant to encourage a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals, to promote the teaching of poetry, to restore a dialogue between poetry and the other arts such as theatre, dance, music and painting, and to support small publishers and create an attractive image of poetry in the media, so that the art of poetry will no longer be considered an outdated form of art, but one which enables society as a whole to regain and assert its identity.”




A Casual Pick

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It all began with a casual pick
by the man sitting opposite me
on the train home last night
at first hardly noticeable
it grew to be a performance
involving both nostrils
which was quite a sight

Some efforts were hard fought
and were flicked triumphantly
to a growing mound on the floor
while others more sizeable
were rolled into balls and
thrown high up into the air
before being lovingly placed
in a brown bread sandwich

All this wasn’t appreciated
by the other passengers
who were mostly aghast
but then their noses
began to twitch as well
and some surreptitiously
had a bit of a pick
and soon the whole carriage
was furiously picking away

And then the man’s head
started to shrink right
before there very eyes
and it soon began to
resemble a withered prune
so they all stopped picking
and felt a little bit silly
and went back to fiddling
with their new digital devices
or gazing out the train window

Glen Ewing

Prompt #5 continued Shape Poems

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Good Morning,

This week we will continue with Shape Poems. The response has been great.

To give you the heads up our next prompt will be word association poems. A really good example is Di Bates recent “Car Sick “ poem. Leading up to Easter it would be Eggsalent if you could send in any Easter Poems as well.

Coming up:

Prompt #6 Word Association and Easter

And please send in any other poems you like.

A few notes:

One of our regular poets was contacted by School Magazine recently showing interest in her work. This is wonderful that publishing poems on the site can lead to other opportunities.

If you have Email addresses of Heads of English departments and other suitable contacts in either state or private education in your state of Australia please send through to me. I’m working on sending the blog details to the South Australian Education Department. The wheels are moving slowly though.

Have a great week


And today’s quote:











Car Sick Word Association Poem



Our fast green car
Green world
Stomach churning
Head spinning
The world turning
Upside down
Downside up
Around and around
Wheels rolling
Streets passing
Blurred buildings
Blurred faces
Blur blur blur
Dad, stop!
I’m going to throw …

Too late.

Di Bates