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Leaving her mother


Those big brown eyes


That cute black nose


Those watchful ears


Untrained, unlearned


Too young for hygiene


Puddles in carpet


Midnight throwing up


Sharpening new teeth


Loving all the world


Everyone loves her


Yelled out disasters


Much too young for


Sixteen months for


And promises of future


Or dreadful threat




Margaret Pearce


Let’s go to …. with Teacher notes

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Let’s go to…



Let’s go to Toowoomba,

The two of us by bus,

Toot, toot to Toowoomba,

We won’t cause any fuss.



Let’s all go to Weewaa,

We’ll ride there on a horse,

Whee-hee-hee to Weewaa,

I’ll bring tomato sauce.



Let’s all go to Bairnsdale,

Upon a fleecy sheep,

Baaaaaaa to Bairnsdale,

But please don’t fall asleep.



Let’s all go to Hawthorn,

We’ll ride a donkey there,

Hee-haw-haw to Hawthorn,

Without a single care.


                                                James Aitchison



Teachers’ notes: A fun poem for classroom participation


Themes: Learning the rules of rhymes and how to scan syllables

Also, have fun learning about Australian towns and suburbs


Classroom: Invite students to add more verses to the poem

Begin by choosing amusing town names

Then work together to suggest rhymes and verses



A Tribute to “Trim” Matthew Flinders’ Cat

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I’m a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

I was born on the Reliance in 1799.

Of all my mother’s kittens

I was the one most fine.

I’m a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

I have four snow-white paws

And a white star on my chest.

Of all the cats on board this ship

The sailors like me best.

I’m a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

When it’s time for dinner

I don’t eat with other cats.

I sit at table with the men.

I don’t care for rats.

I’m a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

I have a trusty friend

And Matthew Flinders is his name.

He has called me Trim.

I think together we’ll find fame.

I’m a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

Matthew is a clever man

He’s sailed all round this land.

He’s given it a name

And that’s Australia – how grand.

Perhaps you have a cat at home

Is it as fine as me?

Would it like to come aboard

And sail upon the sea?

With a black cat

A special cat

A ship’s cat.

Pat Simmons

Trim was a famous cat. Well worth a dedication poem.

A good adult read is the book by Bryce Courtney “Matthew Flinders’ Cat”

Here is a little more information on him:


  1. “Trim was the ship’s cat under the command of Matthew Flinders on voyages to circumnavigate and map the coastline of Australia from 1801 to 1803. He was therefore the first cat to circumnavigate Australia. Sadly, it seems he was stolen and eaten by hungry slaves. A statue to Trim was later erected, and he has been the subject of a number of works of literature. A statue sits on a window sill on the outside of the Sydney Library, in Sydney, Australia. The plaque on Trim’s statue reads

The best and most illustrious of his race
The most affectionate of friends,
faithful of servants,
and best of creatures
He made the tour of the globe, and a voyage to Australia,
which he circumnavigated, and was ever the
delight and pleasure of his fellow voyagers . . . .
“Written by Matthew Flinders in memory of his cat
Memorial donated by the North Shore Historical Society.”




A Fluffy Thermometer

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A Fluffy Thermometer


There’s plenty of ways

to tell if the day is

too hot or cold

without being told.


You could try and catch

a fluffy pet cat

then watch and observe

to see how it’s curved.


When days are too hot

it’s likely as not

that cat’s all sprawled-out

in some shaded spot.


When researchers test

what temperature’s best

for comfort of cats

they find out these facts.


Those felines agree

that eighteen degrees

is purr-fectly warm

for cat’s furry form.


Then when it’s too cold

those pussycats fold

up cosy and still

to keep out the chill.


by Celia Berrell


While the weather is warming up in Australia, winter is well on its way in the northern hemisphere.  Does that mean there will be more outside cats curled up when I go to visit?  Living in the tropics, I think even eighteen degrees is decidedly chilly!  What’s your purrfect temperature?

Scoot Scoot

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Scoot Scoot


Scoot Scoot

Said the scooter

Shining in the sun

Time for me

To have some fun


Zoom Zoom

Said the scooter

Rider and helmet ready

Today we go fast

But take it steady


Whoosh Whoosh

Said the scooter

Down the street

Feet on kickboard

Who can we beat?


Zip Zip

Said the scooter

What a fun day

Zooming along

Smiling all the way


Jump Jump

Said the scooter

Trying a trick

Up in the air

And down real quick


Ring Ring

Said the scooter

A loud ring of the bell

Turn and head back

All is well


Yawn Yawn

Said the scooter

I’ve had a big day

Time to go home

Slowly make my way


Shuffle Shuffle

Said the scooter

Trudging back to the shed

Time for scooters

To be in scooter bed


Snooze Snooze

Said the scooter

Snoring away

Dreaming of tomorrow

Another scooter day


by Jeanie Axton (my first poem ever in a published book)


The inspiration for Scoot Scoot was in restoring this old scooter I found in a second hand shop

This poem was included in “The Toy Chest” a novel Anthology from Prints Charming Books

Edited by Sally Odgers Published July 2017




I Can, I Can’t

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I can, I can’t, the difference is

One tiny little letter

‘won’t use the “T”, or I will be

Worse off, instead of better


But if I say “I can, I can”

My confidence will soar

And hope will come my way because

I opened up its door


“I can, I can!” will make me brave

My thinking it will change

And pocketsful of obstacles

Will vanish down the drain!


And if I cultivate “I can”

“I can’t” will sound so weird

And soon I’ll wonder where they went

Those things that I once feared



Lenny McGoo             ©         2017