‘A Special Place’ by Kylie Covark

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I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where trees soar high and treasures hide in caves.

Where the sun goes to sleep far out at sea

Beneath the waves.

Where colourful birds brighten up the sky,

And paint the world with rainbows as they fly.


I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where other people help to fill my cup.

Where people can be who they want to be

​When they grow up.

Where everyone can always speak their mind,

And people value others who are kind.


I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where I am safe with friends around who care.

A country where we’re lucky to be free

​And we can share.

There’s room for new friends in this country too;

I’ve saved a special place right here for you.


‘My Name is Amity’ by Louise McCarthy

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I am from the universe –

Beneath the stars, the sun, the moon.

I feel the rain,

I feel the wind,

I see the fields,

I see the mountains,

I hear the river,

I hear the ocean.

I touch the land where I was born.

I touch the wave upon its shore.

I sail away…

I hope,

I dream,

I wish…

I am playing stepping stones.

I am from the planet earth.

Are you from this planet too?

By Louise McCarthy.


‘Welcome’ by Stephanie Boase

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Little children,

To this vast, brown land.

Come and share the beauty

We’ve come to understand.


There are no boarder fences here,

Only the sea surrounds.

The air is fresh.

The sky is clear.

No bombs or rubble mounds.


You are not alone

In coming from afar.

Many of us, too

Have sought this

Southern Star.


Come join us,

Little children!

Come, play in the sun.


Little children,

For we are all as one!

‘Paper Boats’ by June Perkins



Paper boats conjure dreams

of petals soaked by

scents of the



Traveling boats

float in shadows


who have a simple hope

for happy lands,


but white markers sink

in sandy earth

marking graves of people

who cannot resist new germs.


‘Once watched paper boats,’

paternal grandfather says

in Vietnamese

but nobody understands


No translators here.


So shadow puppets dance

for petals

falling from kumquat boughs.


(c) June Perkins


Creative Commons Flickr Geson Ratnow





’Slurpie’ by Jeanie Axton

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Slurpie the dog
Loves his smoothies
His tongue goes wild
His lips are groovy
He guzzles and gulps
Drinking real fast
This isn’t a drink
That was made to last
Green for goodness
Sugar for pop
No spilling here
Not one drop
Slurping and licking
Black eyes bright
Slurpie the dog
Filled with delight