Poetry Prompt #42

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I hope your week is off to a creative start. It’s a while since I posted this prompt – February in fact – so I thought I’d put the call out there again. Rhyming poems do far outnumber the non-rhyming poems I receive for Poem of the Day, but there’s always space for more. I love playing around with different rhyme patterns. I hope you do too. Send your poems to me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word or text document attachment and add a line or two about your writing process. Don’t forget, if you’ve missed a prompt from previous weeks, you can always catch up.

Happy writing!


Poems of the Day

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These three short poems were submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #5.


A Spider’s Dilemma

by Pat Simmons

An arthritic arachnid with eight knobbly knees

Sought medical help for her painful disease.


Her doctor prescribed her with cream to rub in

But the problem was how and just where to begin!


 Pillow Pet

By Nadine Cranenburgh

My old dog Spot
is hard to spot
when hiding in my bed

He’s found a spot
all soft and hot
curled underneath my head

{Nadine says: The aim was to include a word that has multiple meanings.}

Greedy Guts

by Dianne Bates

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,
Eating his Christmas pie

He ate it all, every crumb.
‘What’s for seconds?’
he asked his mum.