Bush Tucker


Bush tucker


I prise it from its woody nest,

examine it up close.

I never, ever would have guessed

a grub could look so gross!


It’s such an ugly, pudgy grub,

a truly horrid sight –

repulsive rolls of squishy flub

decked out in ghostly white.


The kookaburra up above

is getting itchy feet.

I know for sure she’d dearly love

to snaffle up this treat.


I’ll only have to turn around,

head back along the track,

and she’ll be swooping to the ground

to snatch her scrumptious snack.


The grub is wriggling back to bed

to tuck itself away.

The kookaburra cocks her head,

eyes fixed upon her prey.


No grub has ever hit my tum –

the notion makes me sick,

but Kookaburra’s thinking yum

marshmallow on a stick!


Jenny Erlange

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