Valued Gifts

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Valued Gifts 

Perhaps the most enduring gifts

from Christmas-tide festivities

are not the items bought in shops

but things that make prized memories.


From moments filled with laughter at

some zany fun activity

to having simply helped someone

through using our proclivity.


Your Grandma will delight in any

art or craftwork made by you.

Our love and personality are

captured in the things we do.


Our presence time and talents shared

are valued gifts both rich and wise.

They’re cherished in fond memories

much more than any merchandise.


It is always wonderful to receive a valued gift – especially at Christmas.  Something made with care from a family member is a grandmother’s treasure.  But sometimes we are bought things we don’t really need or want, then get in a bother about what to do with them.  Would you pass those kinds of gifts to someone who might enjoy them more?

by Celia Berrell


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