“Take me home” by Celia Berrell

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Dogs use fast-acting face muscles to help them make puppy-dog eyes

Dogs have more “fast-twitch” muscle fibres around their eyes and mouths than wolves do, which allows them to make more facial expressions



“My Picnic” by Toni Newell

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We were having a picnic
A rug spread on the ground
My owners eating merrily
I watched and made no sound.
The day was cool but bright
I was thrown a bone or two
Whilst they chatted on
Leaving me to enjoy a chew.
As the time marched on
And cooler it became
They started packing up
Whilst the weather was still tame.
They left me on the rug
As they ferried goods away
But I felt cold and miserable
Having been told to stay.
I wrapped the blanket around me
And waited for their return
As I was feeling cold
Which was of a concern.
I sat there huddled up
Obedient as one can be 
And upon their return 
My heart pounded full of glee.