”The Cat-Sock Dilemma” by Celia Berrell

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The Cat-Sock Dilemma


Hey diddle-diddle

a sock round the middle

when gently tied on my Cat,

will make her wiggle,

wobble and squiggle.

She can’t walk straight with that.


A slick little trick

that’s painless and quick.

There’s surely no harm in that?

We giggle, she wriggles,

goes higgledy-piggle

until she gets to lie flat!

“Not Fair” by Kate O’Neil

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Not Fair.


Winter’s clearly over

Everywhere are signs of spring.

See, the grass is greener.

Now see every living thing


(Except, of course, for me.)

Enjoy the fragrant springtime breeze.

(Zooming bees don’t suffer

Every morning’s springtime sneeze)


Buds in spring are bursting.

Enhancing gardens everywhere.

Early blooming jasmine

Sends its perfume on the air.


Blossoms make a carpet

Underfoot as petals fall.

Zephyrs fill with perfume.

Zyrtec doesn’t work at all.