“Max” by Jeanie Axton


The frost was glistening on the grass

when Max went out to pee

He trotted to the frozen lawn

and sank down to his knees


Max slipped then slid while yelping

veering left and skidding right

Landing at the picket fence

he gave himself a fright


Alas! Poor Max was stuck like glue

he couldn’t move or pee

Jammed firmly on the frosty post

for all the world to see

“Scoot Scoot” by Jeanie Axton



Scoot Scoot

Said the scooter

Shining in the sun

Time for me

To have some fun


Zoom Zoom

Said the scooter

Rider and helmet ready

Today we go fast

But take it steady


Whoosh Whoosh

Said the scooter

Down the street

Feet on kickboard

Who can we beat?


Zip Zip

Said the scooter

What a fun day

Zooming along

Smiling all the way


Jump Jump

Said the scooter

Trying a trick

Up in the air

And down real quick


Ring Ring

Said the scooter

A loud ring of the bell

Turn and head back

All is well


Yawn Yawn

Said the scooter

I’ve had a big day

Time to go home

Slowly make my way


Shuffle Shuffle

Said the scooter

Trudging back to the shed

Time for scooters

To be in scooter bed



Snooze Snooze

Said the scooter

Snoring away

Dreaming of tomorrow

Another scooter day


(Toy Chest Anthology 2017)

“What will I write of next?” by Jeanie Axton



The pen flew up in the air

A pencil followed next

the stapler did a little jig

across the writing desk


The ruler stomped his wooden feet

A window opened wide

Then all the pretty writing paper

rose up and blew outside


The writer sat and pondered

What will I write of next?

With all this chaos going on

here on my writing desk

“Planet of the Dogs” by Jeanie Axton

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Reverse our worlds

and you will see

That you dear human

can learn from me


A few simple commands

will have it down pat

Human Obedience class

get it right, get a pat


Here’s our training

my faithful friend

Planned by me

from start to end


Command 1: Get up


Get up Get up

sleepy head

The sun is up

get out of bed


Command 2: Walk


Walk time next

but no doggy lead

I’m ready now

and will not plead


Command 3: Heel


Heel no way

let me run

Training a human

is lots of fun


Command 4: Stop


Stop right now

yes at that tree

Every day

for my morning pee


Command 5: Talk


Talk to me

say nice things

I’m a good boy

among other things


Command 6: Sit


Sit on down

in front of me

Scratch my belly

if you please


Command 7: Wait


Sit there nicely

wait for a command

I may have a snooze

don’t be alarmed


Command 8: Drop it


Drop the book

you now are reading

Observe my eyes

see them pleading


Command 8: Bark


One bark means bacon

two barks a meat pie

Three barks a lie down

then a contented sigh


Command 9: Couch


Shift over a bit

I need more space

And a lambs wool rug

in my comfy place


Command 10: Bed


No longer I’ll sleep

in a box outdoors

Or in the winter

on the cold laundry floor


Command 11: Move over


Move over move over

on our king size bed

Let me stretch out

and please scratch my head


Command 12: I love you


I love our routine

Commands to impart

Human being playmates

Are really very smart

“Sharpen Up Mr Squiggle” by Jeanie Axton


Sharpen Up Mr Squiggle


After 60 years of drawing

his nose was all but blunt

So our famous Mr Squiggle

went on a sharpener hunt


He took his rocket to the moon

with Blackboard and Miss Jane

They found a big red sharpener

and his pencils sharp again


‘The knitters’ club’ by Jeanie Axton

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The knitters’ club


Eight year olds

With needles in hand

Wool under arms

A little craft band

Sit in a circle

At lunch break

On the oval

Life is great

This craft of old

It will never die

With these mini grannies

Knitting on high

“Earthworms” by Elizabeth Cummings with Teacher Notes

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Earthworm, you burrower extraordinaire

How can you stand to live down there

With no arms of legs in the soil so dark?

With your one cylindrical digestive tract

You move with the muscles that you contact

To make your body first short then long

And those bristles help propel you along

Through leaf litter, topsoil or deeper down

You help to mix up the stuff in the ground

This makes you the base of many a food chain

Yet your many skills are the environment’s gain

Your talent with organic matter is biological

And mixing tall the nutrients is a flair so chemical

Then there’s your physical ability of aerating

So the soil ecosystem’s restoration you’re helping

Thus let’s take some time to show a bit of gratitude

For how you improve the quality of our food!



Worms both disgust and fascinate me! I remember my brother holding a worm in his hands as a toddler and exclaiming; ‘One worm two worms!’ as he pulled it part😱. After that I had nightmares about worms for years until one of my pupils brought a worm farm into the class and taught us all about he important work of the humble earthworm… a teacher can always learn from their students!

Elizabeth Cummings 


Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton:

Read this poem to the class a few times and then ask a student to write key words on the whiteboard. As a class research and make a timeline of life in the worm farm. Look at how worms are a sign of a healthy garden and how worm tea helps condition soil and grow healthy plants.

If your really brave have a “Bring your gumboots day” and go out and collect worms to bring back to the classroom. Watch how they move and write a worm poem.

Remember to take the worms back to where you got them after the lesson. They belong in the environment.