Pure Mischief with Teacher Notes


Teacher notes: Great ideas on using this poem in your classroom

Themes: rules, boundaries, pet care, living together harmoniously, thinking of others.

Classroom: Write a list of rules, explain why they would be good rules. Write a story or poem, or draw a picture about a funny ‘oopsie’ with a new pet or a younger sister or brother.

Discussion – Why do we have rules in the classroom, rules on the roads.

Why do we have laws?

What would happen if no one obeyed rules, if there were no boundaries, no laws or penalties for breaking them?

Poem of the Day




Barnaby’s clearly in love with my sister,

He cannot resist her.

I’ve seen how he’s kissed her.

She’s only been gone for a day but he’s missed her.

It’s time for a family chat.


Needless to say, my proposed intervention

will cause more dissension

than I care to mention

but I am the one who deserves the attention

since Barnaby’s my freaking cat.

Jenny Erlanger

Poem of the Day


My  Border Collie’s Folly


We have a Border Collie,

he’s a lovely little chap,

his fur is black and fluffy

and he loves to get a pat,

but he never sees the folly

of annoying the neighbour’s cat.


He wags his tail with pleasure

when he sees her on the fence,

then leaps beyond all measure,

making Pussy go quite tense,

but he never sees his folly

he hasn’t got much sense!


Puss’s  fur extends like arrows,

she hisses and she spits,

but Collie’s eyes just narrow

he imagines her in bits,

but never sees the folly,

of getting her off the fence!


The fence is now vibrating

Pussy hangs on like grim death,

Collie’s loudly barking,

I wish he’d take a rest,


but suddenly there’s silence

Pussy’s leapt away,

so Collie’s little folly

must wait for another day.


Alix Phelan

Poem of the Day

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Cats – ALWAYS – Sit Up Front!


My night sky cat by the window sat

Black coat reflected the moon

His tail swung side to side, as I watched him wide eyed

And stated ‘You belong on the back of a broom!’


My night sky cat then turned and spat

And stood tall upon the ledge

For the worst kind of curse, is a cat that is nervous

And my comment had put him on edge


My night sky cat resettled and sat

With a satisfied look and a twitch

How dare I assume, that by moon on a broom

He would take the BACKSEAT for a witch!


Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Sioban says: This prompt made me think of magic – how can a black cat and a night sky not make you think of magic?

I tried to mix up the rhythm a little bit to make the poem more interesting and get a more challenging rhyme!


Poem of the Day

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 Night Friend


He pads down our street

in the dark

when I’m in bed

closes swinging gates

puts away left-out bikes

finds lost cricket balls

checks the street lights are on

and our front door shut tight.


In the daytime he rests

inside the big round pipe

with the metal grille

under the road.


He’s my quiet, night-time friend.

My Elephant.


Except on Wednesdays

when he goes stomping wild

clunking clatter-crashing

grabbing munching tossing


all along the street,



rubbish bins.

Glenys Eskdale
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Poem of the Day

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 By Anna Jacobson

I found her at school one day, hidden

under one of the classrooms. I climbed

in after her and she let me stroke

her fur. I carried her into the light

and her shadow stretched

across the grass.


Her owners were relieved.

She’d been missing three weeks.

They came to pick her up

and as I let her go, I imagined a cat

of my own. A cat called Nora.