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Cats – ALWAYS – Sit Up Front!


My night sky cat by the window sat

Black coat reflected the moon

His tail swung side to side, as I watched him wide eyed

And stated ‘You belong on the back of a broom!’


My night sky cat then turned and spat

And stood tall upon the ledge

For the worst kind of curse, is a cat that is nervous

And my comment had put him on edge


My night sky cat resettled and sat

With a satisfied look and a twitch

How dare I assume, that by moon on a broom

He would take the BACKSEAT for a witch!


Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Sioban says: This prompt made me think of magic – how can a black cat and a night sky not make you think of magic?

I tried to mix up the rhythm a little bit to make the poem more interesting and get a more challenging rhyme!


Poem of the Day

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The Poem of Cats

In the land of Catazmia felines abound.

Cats of all colours,

Some skinny, some round.

Some are quite fancy spectacular breeds.

Some used to be Ships’ Cats performing brave deeds.

Some once lived with witches (Familiars by name).

And some, well, they’re ferals – but we cannot blame

Them, it isn’t their fault, they are misunderstood.

As I dream by the window I wish that I could,

Visit Catazmia, just for a day.

To experience fantasy, magic and play.

Pat Simmons

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22





Pat says: I’m fascinated by cats and their behaviour and often write about them. I imagine this little cat in the image dreaming about another world.

Poem of the Day


Kitten Kisses


Frisky kitten,

smug and smitten,

scimper scamper out the house.


Whiskers twitching,

scratching, itching,

leap and pounce upon a mouse.



feeling hazy,

mouse has dashed into a hole.


Never mind,

Kitten’s kind,

instead she spots her milk-filled bowl!


Sipping, slurping,

Kitten burping

Oh, what fun to roll and play.


Licking, purring,

cool fan whirring,

Kitten’s had a busy day.


Kitten’s snooping,

birds are swooping,

Watch out, here comes pointy claws!


Dodging, dashing,

bin lids clashing,

make a dive for the safe indoors.


Adults stomping,

children romping,

a bouncy ball flies past and misses.


Kitten tumbles

over jumbles

Here comes Mummy for kitten kisses.


by Ramona Davey   © 2016