Poem of the Day


Kitten Kisses


Frisky kitten,

smug and smitten,

scimper scamper out the house.


Whiskers twitching,

scratching, itching,

leap and pounce upon a mouse.



feeling hazy,

mouse has dashed into a hole.


Never mind,

Kitten’s kind,

instead she spots her milk-filled bowl!


Sipping, slurping,

Kitten burping

Oh, what fun to roll and play.


Licking, purring,

cool fan whirring,

Kitten’s had a busy day.


Kitten’s snooping,

birds are swooping,

Watch out, here comes pointy claws!


Dodging, dashing,

bin lids clashing,

make a dive for the safe indoors.


Adults stomping,

children romping,

a bouncy ball flies past and misses.


Kitten tumbles

over jumbles

Here comes Mummy for kitten kisses.


by Ramona Davey   © 2016