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12 days of Dogness


On the first day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

Last year’s Christmas stocking

In the bottom was a pea


On the second day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A chewed up Christmas decoration

For our brand new tree


On the third day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A dug up bone from last year

And dumped it by my knee


On the fourth day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

An old Santa hat

Found under the old settee


On the fifth day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A bit of Christmas cake

To go with my cup of tea


On the sixth day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A striped candy cane

Stolen from the tree


On the seventh day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A string of Christmas lights

He thought needed to be freed


On the eighth day of Christmas

My doggy brought to me

A potato from the vegie patch

One less for Christmas tea


On the ninth day of Christmas

My doggy brought to me

A freshly baked mince pie

And eyes that pleaded “feed me”


On the tenth day of Christmas

My doggy brought to me

An old nativity book

Pages ripped out for me to see


On the eleventh day of Christmas

My doggy brought to me

Santa’s special cookies

Left out for Santa’s feed


On the twelfth day of Christmas

My doggie brought to me

A heart of Christmas cheer

Which was really all I need

Jeanie Axton



Poem of the Day


Wally’s Folly

My mate Wally had a collie that he gave the name of Molly

And he thought it would be jolly to pull Molly on a trolley,

But poor Molly, when she tried it, was determined not to ride it,

So that once it hit a bump, she decided she would jump.


Now when Molly left the trolley she soon showed me Wally’s folly,

For without the weight of Molly even faster went the trolley

And while Wally tried to race it, he was failing to outpace it,

So it quickly knocked him over, but with luck he fell on clover.


Soon he had a lick from Molly who felt sorry for poor Wally,

But both Wally and his collie just ignored the upturned trolley,

Then with Wally’s heels near bleeding and the collie always leading,

They went back to where they started and much wiser I departed.


Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #27

saffy1Monty says: The prompt had me thinking about the different breeds of dogs and their various temperaments. I then saw the possibilities for some humorous rhyme, featuring a gentle intelligent collie.

Poem of the Day

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Shakira the Friendly Dog


I am a friendly yellow dog. Shakira is my name.

I’m always ready for a jog, go fetch or other game.

When I was only six weeks old, I came to live with Ben.

He wasn’t big enough to hold me but we’ve grown since then.


Now I’m his close assistant; he’s not ever on his own.

Where Ben goes, I’m consistently his loyal chaperone.

He’s never in the pool except I swim along beside,

And not a single night he’s slept without me by his side.


When we play football in the park, Ben’s always safe with me.

The bullies scatter at my bark; I guard him faithfully.

If we play cricket in the yard, the ball is mine to catch.

In all the world it would be hard to find a better match.


But recently there’s been a change. I’m not allowed upstairs

And Ben’s been acting kind of strange as if he hardly cares.

He doesn’t even want to play or run or swim right now.

I wish that I could find a way to turn time back somehow.


If I should whimper like a child each time he walks away

And maybe go a little wild, he might decide to stay.

I’ll throw my front paws on his chest and slobber on his face.

Then he’ll remember I’m the best friend that he can’t replace.


Oh no, my plan does not work well! Ben isn’t so impressed.

From his expression I can tell he must be slightly stressed.

My paw prints stamped his brand new shirt which shouldn’t make him shout.

Ben doesn’t mind a little dirt so what’s the fuss about?


‘Get down, Shakira,’ Ben commands. ‘Go over there and wait.’

He doesn’t seem to understand I’m telling him he’s great.

At this point, I see something new. Ben’s mum comes to the door.

She holds a bundle wrapped in blue I haven’t seen before.


‘He’s ready for the photo, Ben. His eyes are open wide.’

A grin undoes Ben’s frown and then he follows her inside.

I creep towards the open door. I peek into the room.

I tiptoe on the polished floor and sniff a sweet perfume.


Ben’s baby brother stares at me. I recognise his face

And as we’re gazing, suddenly, it all falls into place.

‘Shakira, girl,’ Ben calls, ‘Come here. You’re in the photo too.’

Instead of ONE dear boy, it’s clear, now I belong to TWO.

Sharon Hammad

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #27 (Saffy)


Sharon said: I wrote this poem some time ago after meeting a friendly dog called Shakira at the beach. She looked just like Saffy.


Poem of the Day

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There once was a postie called Progge

Who had a most wonderful dog

It could carry more letters

Than fifteen red setters

And he never got lost in the fog!

Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #27


Sioban says: I wrote this in primary school after we learnt about limericks – and for some reason I have always remembered it!


Poem of the Day


My  Border Collie’s Folly


We have a Border Collie,

he’s a lovely little chap,

his fur is black and fluffy

and he loves to get a pat,

but he never sees the folly

of annoying the neighbour’s cat.


He wags his tail with pleasure

when he sees her on the fence,

then leaps beyond all measure,

making Pussy go quite tense,

but he never sees his folly

he hasn’t got much sense!


Puss’s  fur extends like arrows,

she hisses and she spits,

but Collie’s eyes just narrow

he imagines her in bits,

but never sees the folly,

of getting her off the fence!


The fence is now vibrating

Pussy hangs on like grim death,

Collie’s loudly barking,

I wish he’d take a rest,


but suddenly there’s silence

Pussy’s leapt away,

so Collie’s little folly

must wait for another day.


Alix Phelan