“Rainbow’s End” by Monty Edwards

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Rainbow’s End

A snail once heard the story

Which is very often told:

“If you reach a rainbow’s ending,

You will find a pot of gold!”

This idea was most appealing,

(Since the snail was very poor)

And it left him with a feeling

That he couldn’t quite ignore.


Every day when it was raining,

But the clouds began to clear,

He would scan the sky for rainbows

In the hope one would appear.

Then at last he thought he saw one

In the garden hothouse glass!

To the spot he slowly hurried

Streaking silver through the grass.


But oh, what disappointment,

When he reached that special place!

For of golden coins or treasure,

He discovered not a trace.

As he turned to leave, discouraged,

Something caught his tearful eye

And a potted gold chrysanthemum

Proved the story was no lie.

“Unbeatable Bananas” by Monty Edwards

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Unbeatable Bananas


Bananas are the perfect fruit –

I’m sure you must agree,

But even if they aren’t for you,

They surely are to me.

They beckon with their yellow skin

And brighten up my day,

A single zip and I am in

To eat without delay,

An orange on the other hand

Will take an age to peel;

Compare banana with its zip.

It’s really quite ideal.


Now you may think an apple best

And even eat its skin,

But you won’t want to eat it all

Since there’s a core within.

A juicy pear will be the same,

With core not nice to eat,

Bananas on the other hand

You can consume complete.

Not peaches though, or nectarines:

You soon will bite on stone!

But no banana breaks a tooth.

Bananas stand alone!



Just try to eat a pineapple,

If no-one’s there but you!

You certainly will need a knife:

A strong and sharp one too!

Before you even get to eat

You’ll need to cut some more,

Since you won’t want that prickly skin

Or eat the central core.

One fruit surely lead the way:

It’s soft, it’s quick, it’s sweet.

No fruit is more convenient,

Banana’s hard to beat!


“The Tale of the Dragon” by Monty Edwards

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Here’s a tale about a dragon

And I’m sure it must be true:

It was told me by my grandpa,

Who would do the same for you.

Now he said that he saw this dragon

When his family had a farm;

This had left them all quite worried

That their sheep might come to harm.


So each day, the sheep were counted,

But they found none burnt or fried;

Not a lamb was ever roasted,

Or the dragon just once spied.

It then seemed that only grandpa

Still believed the dragon real,

So I’m sure you can imagine

How that made poor grandpa feel!


Now, of course, he wasn’t old then:

Maybe eight or nine at most,

So his parents then suggested

That perhaps he had seen a ghost –

Of a dragon that once lived there:

One that breathed out fire and smoke.

But he said they were quite mistaken:

He’d just made it up as a joke!


“Bottle Discovery” by Monty Edwards

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Have you ever found a bottle that was lying on the sand?

Did you ever find a note in it and hold it in your hand?

Did you ever, ever wonder, who had written such a note,

As you struggled to decipher what the unknown writer wrote?


Do not worry if you haven’t. It is something rather rare,

Since most bottles found on beaches come from fools, who left them there,

Where some unsuspecting person, that could well be you or me,

Finds them broken, or half buried, in a way that’s hard to see.


If you should find a bottle lying somewhere in the sand,

Get your Mum or Dad to check it, so that no-one cuts their hand,

Or the feet that will be needed when it’s taken to the bin.

So unless you see a note in it, please go and drop it in.


“Misty Morning Meditation” by Monty Edwards

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One morning, on my balcony,

I missed the sight I mostly see:

The distant sea, seen normally,     

Had disappeared quite totally!


As well, mist shrouded every tree

Except the tree most close to me.

It blossomed bright, defiantly. 

That single tree encouraged me. 


Just like that tree I want to be:

Not daunted by adversity. 

Most mists are only temporary.

If not, then faith must carry me.

“Name the Game (A Riddle)” by Monty Edwards


“Name the Game” by Monty Edwards is his 100th poem of the day since November 2015.

Congratulations and Thankyou for sharing your creativity with us.


My riddle is about a game, so see if you can guess its name.

Of course, I’ll give you many clues, but in the end, you’ll have to choose.

The game is played by day or night, but if at night you’ll need some light.

Play summer, winter, there’s no reason not to play in any season.


This game is played in many lands and players need to use their hands,

Although one hand would be enough, because this game’s not very rough.

It can’t be called a contact sport, and never needs a field or court.

So do not think you’ll use a ball, for that would not be right at all.


Out of doors or play inside – play wherever you decide.

Play in almost any place. This game doesn’t need much space. 

Players always move in turn and there are other rules to learn.

There is no need to use your feet; that’s not the way that you compete.


This game does not have any aces, nor any Jacks with funny faces,

But players each have king and queen, while cards are nowhere to be seen!

Most find it best to share a table, but please make sure your table’s stable!

This rule must never be ignored, since you’ll place pieces on a board.


But boards are used in many a game: can you give my game a name?

Now since this riddle’s almost done, I’ll give a clue – another one:

The pieces number thirty two. Sixteen of them will be for you.

Another player has the rest and you two play to see who’s best!


Your pieces form a fighting force, though blood is never shed, of course

And though a kind of war you play, no-one is injured in the fray, 

Since mostly you will think and plan, then make each move as best you can.

But win or lose or even draw, you’ll want to play this game some more.


It’s time for you to make your guess. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

This riddle’s answer must be . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .  . . .  .


“The Lazy Frog” by Monty Edwards

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I’m a green frog, serene frog,

A seldom ever seen frog,

Lolling on a lily pad and lazing in the shade.

For you see, I’ve found the knack

Of lying comfy on my back

And although you’ll think me slack,

I’ve got it made!


All is sweet now, complete now,

It’s time to rest my feet now,

Loving life on lily pads without a single care.

Ripples massage as I lie,

Looking blankly at the sky.

Who’s as lucky as am I

Found anywhere?


Something’s shifting! Oh, I’m drifting!

Now my lily pad is lifting!

It’s a duck that thinks I’m something nice to eat!

There’s no time to count to five,

I must leave and take a dive,

Since I’d like to stay alive

Complete with feet.

“Summer Storm” by Monty Edwards

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Summer Storm


One summer day, before my tea,

The early news was on TV.

It sent me to my balcony

For there would be a sight to see.


Outside, my eyes turned to the skies;

The thick black clouds there – no surprise.

The air I breathed in – moist and warm.

The news foretold a summer storm!


Since rain was welcome, that felt good:

Let that be clearly understood.

The dams were low, the creek beds dry,

Those clouds spread hope across the sky.


Yet more was promised than some rain

To make our farmers smile again:

This storm brought hail – and floods as well,

Because of all the rain that fell.


When something’s good, we all want more,

But here’s a thought we could explore:

Too much of one thing can be bad

If we then lose what once we had.







“The Wright Song” by Monty Edwards



The Wright Song


When William Wright once wrote a song,

We thought the words Wright wrote were wrong,

Since what he wrote was such a scrawl

Wright’s wretched writing fooled us all,

But when he sang his song that night,

What we thought wrong was really right!