“Seaside Stroll” by Monty Edwards

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Seaside Stroll

When weather’s getting warmer
And summer’s on its way,
We adults walk the sandy shore
While gazing at the bay.
There gentle waves plant kisses
On sand beneath our feet.
As ripples make soft music
With soothing random beat.
But sudden squarks of seagulls
Disturb the peaceful scene,
As children chase them skywards
From where at rest they’d been.
With scores of scolding seagulls
And children’s shouts of glee,
Our peaceful stroll was over
So soon beside the sea.

 “Meeting the Monster” by Monty Edwards

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 Meeting the Monster

One night a monster most grotesque

Crawled out from underneath my desk!

I closed my book and took a look

And felt that my whole body shook!

It had a head with horrid horns

That looked as sharp as roses’ thorns;

It’s nose was like a length of hose

Which drooped right down to touch its toes!

With eyes the size of fruit mince pies

It gazed at me in mute surprise

And then as it began to think,

I saw those eyes were turning pink,

While when its mouth was open wide,

The teeth were huge I saw inside!

A sound came out: more like a croak;

I cringed in fear, but then it spoke!

It rasped: ‘So sorry I’m so badly smelling:

I’ve come to help you with your spelling!’

But even as the monster spoke,

My dog went ‘Woof!’ and I awoke.


“Ready to Rhyme” by Monty Edwards

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Ready to Rhyme


I find when I am writing,

I oft resort to rhyme.

I don’t know why I do it.

It happens all the time.

But if you like my writing,

(I really hope you will),

You’ll find that I keep writing

In rhyming verses still!

First published in “The Mystery Box” (Playful poems for young readers) by Monty Edwards [Making Magic Happen Academy 2017].

“Perpetual Trophy” by Monty Edwards


Perpetual Trophy

It stood there in the cabinet:
The cup we all desired,
Engraved with names of winners past:
The stars we all admired.
Now watch us train with fierce intent
To match, then beat their best
For striving for that lofty goal
Will help us top the rest.
But if our team should fail the tests
On which success depends,
There will remain a greater prize:
A lasting group of friends

“Cat Trick” by Monty Edwards

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Cat Trick

My cat liked to climb on my bedroom chair,

Right next to my chest of drawers.

He would spring to the chest with a mighty leap

Where he landed on all fours.

There on the top, where a mirror stood,

He looked at me, as a winner would

While he smugly licked his paws.


This was a trick hed performed before,

So I did what I had to do:

I’d found a shot of a lion’s head,

On a leaflet from the zoo.

I shaped it into the mirror’s frame:

One look would scare him and end his game,

Hed be off to his cat-a-loo!


I watched to see if hed turn his head

And hed face what was waiting there.

To see him jump promised such a treat:

The suspense would be hard to bear!

Then he turned. I could not believe my eyes:

He showed not a hint of the least surprise;

Not a bit did he seem to care.


Then as I was watching he lifted a paw

As if to greet someone he knew.

Was it his grandpa he thought that he saw?

Was he wondering just what he should do?

But stroking the lion, he shredded its face!

This meant his smug self soon appeared in its place,

As he thought: Im much smarter than you

“Nature’s Monuments” by Monty Edwards


Nature’s Monuments


“The fire came through in ‘sixty four,” the wizened farmer said.

“At first it headed for the house, but turned this way instead.

The plain back then was thick with trees,

Their drought-dry leaves caught fire with ease

And all too soon each tree became 

Fresh fuel for a fearsome flame!”


He paused as memory’s embers glowed and then he spoke again.

“That lifeless pair seen over there are all that now remain.

Since, at the time, more fires were feared,

The land round here was promptly cleared,

But those two trees remind us all

That here once stood a forest tall.”