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The seagull squawks speaks

by Jane Williams


Hey you!

You’re looking at me like

you’ve got something to say –

Well OK then

I’m up for a chat,

a chitter, a chatter,

a yabber, a yak,

a tittle-tattle


a yammering yap.

I’m open to suggestion

on topics for discussion

Let’s communicate, confabulate,

wag the chin and chew the fat.

Let’s prattle and babble,

let’s talk, talk, talk!

But first you’ve got to learn

how to screech, how to squawk –

so stretch out your neck,

now open your beak …

wait … what’s that?

You don’t have a beak?

Beg pardon, my mistake

for presuming you could speak!

Poem of the Day


Hot, Salty, Crunchy

by N. McMullin


Hey you!

Stop staring at me like that!

Yeah, you!

I don’t like the way

You’re looking at me…

With your beady little eyes

And that sad cry of yours.

It doesn’t fool me,

Not one little bit.

Hey! Don’t you come any closer!

No way, pal, you’re just

Asking for trouble.

C’mon, quit your begging.

I know your type.

I’ll give you one,

And then all of your

Mates show up,

Demanding more…

Ah, no, cut with the crying.

Okay, then, maybe just one little…

Hot, salty, crunchy chip.



Picture: Hannah Coleman

Picture: Hannah Coleman