“Bottle Discovery” by Monty Edwards

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Have you ever found a bottle that was lying on the sand?

Did you ever find a note in it and hold it in your hand?

Did you ever, ever wonder, who had written such a note,

As you struggled to decipher what the unknown writer wrote?


Do not worry if you haven’t. It is something rather rare,

Since most bottles found on beaches come from fools, who left them there,

Where some unsuspecting person, that could well be you or me,

Finds them broken, or half buried, in a way that’s hard to see.


If you should find a bottle lying somewhere in the sand,

Get your Mum or Dad to check it, so that no-one cuts their hand,

Or the feet that will be needed when it’s taken to the bin.

So unless you see a note in it, please go and drop it in.


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