“WHAT THE DINO SAW” by Kate O’Neil

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(in the Library)


Oh no! I can’t believe it.

I’m not in any books.

It’s such a shame because I have

such stunning dino looks.


I know I’m on the small side –

the time warp is to blame –

I shrank across the centuries

I passed through as I came


to see the distant future-

to see how Earth would change.

But what a shock this gives me-

something’s really strange


for all my friends are listed here

but there’s no sign of me.

I’m in a state of crisis

with no identity.


It’s bad enough to realise

the dinos all died out.

But who am I? What does it mean?

I think, yet I’m in doubt.


My world has crumbled round me.

I’ll make this quite succinct-

Instead of never having been,

I’d rather be extinct.


©  Kate O’Neil



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