“Idyllicacryliclycralyric” by Kate O’Neil

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I’m a biker. I’m a hiker

and I love acrylic lycra.


I’m specific that acrylic

is the lycra that I like

for especially when biking

it is greatly to my liking

to be free to frisk and frolic

when I reach somewhere idyllic

and I get down from my bike.


And lycra that’s acrylic,

when the heat is diabolic,

just wicks away the wet

so there’s never trickling sweat

to upset the mood euphoric

when I reach a place bucolic

on a long laborious hike.

… or a day-trip on my bike.


That’s why acrylic lycra’s what I like.

“WHAT THE DINO SAW” by Kate O’Neil

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(in the Library)


Oh no! I can’t believe it.

I’m not in any books.

It’s such a shame because I have

such stunning dino looks.


I know I’m on the small side –

the time warp is to blame –

I shrank across the centuries

I passed through as I came


to see the distant future-

to see how Earth would change.

But what a shock this gives me-

something’s really strange


for all my friends are listed here

but there’s no sign of me.

I’m in a state of crisis

with no identity.


It’s bad enough to realise

the dinos all died out.

But who am I? What does it mean?

I think, yet I’m in doubt.


My world has crumbled round me.

I’ll make this quite succinct-

Instead of never having been,

I’d rather be extinct.


©  Kate O’Neil



“Autumn Chemistry” by Kate O’Neil


I don’t want an explanation for
the colour of the trees;
why in Autumn all the leaves
turn brown and red,
but I want to watch them riding on the breeze.

Whether molecules, or hormones or
subtle sleight of light,
I’m indifferent to the cause
of Autumn’s hues,
but trees in Autumn are a lovely sight.

I’ve looked up all the science but
it simply leaves me cold,
while the colours of the Autumn
are so warm.
They blanket Earth in yellow, red and gold.

“A good square meal” by Kate O’Neil

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Please note our special of the day:
(eat it here – or take-away)

Rye-grass  pellets dipped in swill
lightly fried or from the grill

Perhaps your choice is a la carte:
hay or lucerne, pie or tart.

Bonemeal biscuits served with slops
(fewer calories than chops)

Seasonal silage steamed or fried
sautéed birdseed on the side.

And should you feel inclined to quaff
please place your order at the trough



“Not Fair” by Kate O’Neil

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Not Fair.


Winter’s clearly over

Everywhere are signs of spring.

See, the grass is greener.

Now see every living thing


(Except, of course, for me.)

Enjoy the fragrant springtime breeze.

(Zooming bees don’t suffer

Every morning’s springtime sneeze)


Buds in spring are bursting.

Enhancing gardens everywhere.

Early blooming jasmine

Sends its perfume on the air.


Blossoms make a carpet

Underfoot as petals fall.

Zephyrs fill with perfume.

Zyrtec doesn’t work at all.




I liked him at the time –
thought he was quite dishy
when we ran away.
But no,
I couldn’t stay
with someone so wishy-
washy. His get-up-and-go
got up and went.
And so did I. Ran away again.

This time teamed up with
a right mug.
Too strait-laced for me.
I was bouncing off the walls.

Being a bit of a stirrer
I told him I’d fallen
for a cauldron –
dark, handsome, mysterious….
and I was off again.

But the truth was,
I needed a break.
I missed hanging out
with my friends
and headed
back to the drawer
for a group hug.

“A Green Queen” by Kate O’Neil



Should one consider ‘going green’

if one’s lot is being Queen,

and majesty’s one’s thing?


Should one think of steps to take

to change one’s ways for the planet’s sake?

or would one choose to cling


to royal extravagance, glamour and show

as part of one’s deal, so mere Joe Blow

must be the one to care?


Should Royals have to do their bit?

Pull their weight? Show true grit?

Wouldn’t that be fair?


Kate O’Neil

Happy World Poetry Day / Harmony Day / “Poetry Blast” by Kate O Neil with Notes




Poem with Teacher Notes



Some words fly like arrows

to their target.

Some veer, tell it slant.


some ricochet unpredictably.

But we know it is poetry

when we see how they all

hit home.


©   Kate O’Neil

Notes by Jeanie Axton

Students could cut out arrows, airplanes, rockets and balls. On each they could attach describing words and phrases. They could then write poems based on the object and words. Encourage lots of ways to mix up the words and editing. The aim being at the end of the exercise to hit home with the words in the poem.

For example use picture prompts with describing words to get the students thinking





The Ideas of March

are meant to be mad,

so get with the times;

be suitably clad.


The hatters are busy –

no time to be lazy –

and what they are doing

is totally crazy.


So go the full motley –

(March is your chance)

Kick up your heels

in a wacky dance.


Let down your hair

or go in for shaving.

My crazy idea is to

go out stark raving.


I told all my friends.

They served me a warning:

‘Stay home. Don’t go out.

This isn’t your morning.


If you do your thing

and defy our advice

the knives will be out.

You’d better think twice.’