“Stolen Sky” By Sioban Timmer


Superb fairy-wrens are also known as blue wrens, they live as a family group.

Fairy-wrens have weak powers of flight but have long legs and spend most of their time on the ground or in shrubs, progressing in a series of hops as they gather food.

In families of superb fairy-wrens it seems that fathers get all the good looks. The dazzling blue feathers on the breeding male’s head, neck and tail. Somewhere nearby will be a group of small brown birds. These are the females, and ‘stay at home’ children of previous broods.


Stolen Sky

By Sioban Timmer


Fairy Wren upon a branch

I love to watch you skip and prance

Your colour stolen from the sky

A summer moment dancing by


Your partner with her feathers brown

Is no less pretty as she bounds

Perhaps because you make the pair

Of sky and earth together there


So Fairy Wren please stay a while

Lift my heart and make me smile

Though even once you hop away

A hint of summer sky will stay

6 thoughts on ““Stolen Sky” By Sioban Timmer

  1. Oh birdy blue I see you dance
    Across the morning near my fence
    With all your little feathered friends
    A special day indeed portends
    From branch to branch your feathers shimmer
    Inspiring poems from Sioban Timmer.

  2. Your poem is beautiful Siobhan – a fairy wren could dance to it! It’s lovely to read rhythm and rhyme that capture a scene so perfectly. This is a poem to help children to love poetry. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful poem. I love the way you explain their colours. I had never thought of that before. It has bothered me for a lifetime that the females are drab. Now I will change my perspective and will see them representing Mother Earth. Thank you.

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