Budgie ‘Blue’ by Toni Newell

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The Australian Budgerigar, (Melopsittacus undulates) nicknamed Budgie.

In the wild they are green and yellow with black scalloped markings. They are found throughout the drier parts of Australia.

In captivity they have been bred resulting in a wide variety of colours amongst which are blue, whites, greys and yellow.

They are a very popular pet and can be taught to speak.

They are around 18 cm in length with a wingspan of 30 cm.

Their diet consists of seeds, greens and fruit.




I used to have a budgerigar,

And his name was ‘Blue’,

He’d look into his mirror,

And chirp a song or two.

At night his cage was covered,

We’d teach him how to speak,

Constantly repeating,

“Pretty boy”, many times a week.

Finally one morning,

Blue was on his swing,

Saying “pretty boy, pretty boy”

It was the greatest thing.

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