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Winter Ablutions


Spider walks with shivery legs

to the edge of his dew-laden home, then waits –

perched on the bottom thread.

His white web of winter droplets

absorbs the morning sun.


spring up

balance back on thread

hold tight.

Dew drops fall and spider

enjoys his morning shower.



Caroline Tuohey
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #11

Poem of the Day

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Blueberry Pancakes and Parachutes

Silvery streaks of morning-time rain

puddling into the mud

reminds me of blueberry pancakes

and circular see-through parachutes.


Raindrops aren’t teardrops.

There’s no pointy tip.

Those free-falling globules

are blueberry round.


But if they meet-up

as they fall through the sky

a middle-sized raindrop


might suddenly start to appear.


Bigger and larger and bulkier still

fast-falling raindrops

past pancake proportions

with stretch in the centre

and drag through the air.


For less than a second

becoming a dome

these small glassy parachutes

wobble then burst

to break into

blueberry droplets again.

Celia Berrell
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #11

Celia said: I was delighted to learn that raindrops make all these weird shapes as they fall to the ground.  This year I hope to receive Your Poems about the wonders of water for the Science Rhymes website.



Poem of the Day


Hot Summer


It’s too hot to play,

So I snooze in the shade.

Lazing in the cool

of a massive fig tree.

Nature’s air conditioning.


It’s too hot to play,

So I dive in the salty sea.

Waves tickle me,

refreshing my body.

Nature’s swimming pool.


It’s too hot to play,

So I sit in a sudden breeze.

Cooling my sticky body,

blowing my hair.

Nature’s fan.


It’s too hot to play,

So I eat a fat watermelon.

Refreshing my dry mouth

trickling on my face.

Nature’s most refreshing treat.


Karen Hendriks
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #7



Poem of the Day


Flame Trees


Come November

the flame trees

begin to wear their fire.

Over there a winking ember

peeps cautiously

from a green crown,

hinting at Christmas

and stirring nervous thoughts

of fire in green places,


while nearby, an extrovert,

naked through winter,

makes a spectacle of herself

in the full flare

of a brand new red dress.


How do I look?

she asks seductively,


and even the old Jacarandas

in their cool quenching blue

offer nothing but


©  Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #3


Poem of the Day

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Useful, cheap, convenient,

Found everywhere in our seas.

Endless uses.

It floats, swims, travels,

Found in hungry bellies.

Entangles and traps sea life.


Our Sea

Once clean and pristine,

Full of plastic debris,

No longer free of you,

On the sea bottom,

On the sea top,

No escape from you.


Crying Sea

How much longer can the sea put up with you?

Or will the sea just become a murky plastic soup?

Please stop the plastic poisoning,

Before it’s too late.

Stop making useless waste,

That hurts and kills me.

Karen Hendriks


Poem of the Day



by Lynelle Kendall


Arc of horizon

Sea hugging land

The shape of myself

I leave in the sand


Hollow of woomera

Line of my spear

Poised over ocean

Sparkling clear


Shapeshifting shadows

Shimmer of scales

Strike fast as lightning

Timber shaft sails


Cuts through the water

Whoop with delight

We’ll eat barramundi

For dinner tonight.



  • Submitted to Poetry Prompt #3


Lynelle says: Written in response to Poetry prompt #3 “Shapes”, the third and fourth lines of the poem refer to the U symbol that represents a person in traditional indigenous dot paintings. It is based on my experience at Daliwuy Bay in Arnhem Land, where I watched a boy fishing with his spear in the shallows. In his language – Yolŋu Matha – guya means fish.

Poem of the Day



by Sally Odgers


blueberry bluetongue

green grass green

sunshine sunshine

polish me

glow me

sinuous slithering


blueberry bluetongue


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #8


Sally says: Written because I almost never write free verse. I was trying to rhyme and scan throughout.


Poem of the Day

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Hard Times

by Melanie Hill


I’m a rock.

Just a rock.

A sedentary rock.


I was warm until

blasting wind

left me with no cover.


I’m a rock.


I was dry until

eroding rivers

submerged my craggy face.


Just a rock.


I had friends until
they crumbled
and relocated to the beach.


A sedentary rock.


Poem of the Day


Light and shadow

by Jenny Erlanger


The sun is low behind us

as we contemplate the view,

a vista to remind us

that we’re part of nature too.


We happily surrender

to the grandness of this spot

and know within its splendor

that we’re nothing but a dot.


Our shadows, in defiance,

take a more aggressive stand.

A family of giants

makes its mark upon the land.

  • Submitted in response to Words+Pictures #3
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