“Birds Eye View” by Toni Newell

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Birds Eye View

Sitting on a branch up high,

In the Serengeti plain,

I spot a giraffe and her calf,

Crossing the dry terrain.

As a bird of prey,

They’re of little interest to me,

However, the calf looks hilarious,

He’s as funny as funny can be.

Galloping with an earnest face,

Long hair straight in the air,

I haven’t ever seen that before,

So, I thought I just might share.


“Spring has Sprung” by Toni Newell

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung,

Nests are made,

Vibrant colours,

Are on parade.

Birds are singing,

Their mating song,

Perfumed breeze,

Is swept along.

New growth,

Fragrant walks,

Grass growing,

On sidewalks.

Winter’s cold,

Now gone away,

The sun is warm,

A beautiful day.

Days are longer,

Lizard ‘Blue Tongue’,

Out of hibernation,

Spring has sprung.


“A Street? Of Many Names“ by Toni Newell


A Street? Of Many Names


Walking down a street,

It occurred to me,

Why was it called a Street?

The question bothered me.

So many different names,

For a thoroughfare,

Roads, Groves and Avenues,

Were examples to share.

Boulevards and Terraces,

The Drive and The Place,

Different names for much the same,

A carriageway or space.

A Court, Close and Cul-de-sac

Meaning, no through road,

Highway, Freeway, Motorway,

My mind’s in overload.

Esplanade and the Bend,

Parade and also Cove,

Heights and the Muse,

Of words a treasure trove.

The Crescent, Way and Alley,

Let’s not forget the Lane,

I’m sure I’ve missed a few,

I find this quite insane.

So many different words,

In essence mean the same,

Each word takes you somewhere,

But by a different name.

“Spoon Villages” by Toni Newell


Spoon Villages


Walking around my suburb,

I noticed we’d increased today,

In several streets there were villages,

Of spoon people on display.


Villages made by children,

Welcomed us all to view,

Some carried an invitation,

To add a spoon or two.


I thought it was a great idea,

A community on the verge,

Where there were no restrictions,

And visitors they did urge.


Spoons were brightly dressed,

Standing together as one,

I’m sure that all the children,

In creating the village had fun.


Helping children to cope,

Inspiring normality,

Embracing imagination,

Dealing with Covid reality.

‘Puff’, the Magic Dragon by Toni Newell




‘Puff’ was a magic dragon,

Who lived by the sea,

Had a friend, Jackie Paper,

And had a friend in me.

He may have sailed with Jackie,

Upon the ocean blue,

But used to play with me ashore,

This story being true.

He wagged his tail behind him,

Whilst walking he would roar,

And everyone loved magic ‘Puff’,

He was gentle to the core.

When Jackie Paper passed away,

‘Puff’ was very sad,

He roared aloud in his grief,

Having lost his comrade.

We walked the street together,

His scales glistening in the sun,

Remembering Jackie Paper,

And recalling all the fun.

Yes, dragons last forever,

And he outlasted me,

One day we’ll be together again,

Magic ‘Puff’,  Jackie Paper and me.


“Argentinosaurus” by Toni Newell





The largest dinosaur of all,

Grew to forty meters,

Measurement overall.

Could weigh a hundred tons,

And was a herbivore,

Would need to eat a lot of greens,

Of that you can be sure.

They lived a long time ago,

Ninety-seven million years,

Pronounced ‘AHR-gen-TEEN-uh-SAWR-us’,

They were big with no visible ears.

“The Illusive Toy” by Toni Newell


The Illusive Toy


Whirr, whirr, bang, bang,

What a noise you make,

Spinning, spinning, all around,

I’m scared you might break.

You have a captive audience,

All mesmerised by you,

Darting here and darting there,

But seldom in our view.

You appear to be mysterious,

We don’t know what you are,

You dash in and out so quickly,

We only see you from afar.

My mind’s so undecided,

Is it just technology?

For I have no clue what it is,

Or what it’s meant to be.

“Kind Boomerang” by Toni Newell

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I used to throw a Frisbee,

But it would never come back,

Billy Joe would make it worse,

The Frisbee he’d hijack.

One day I saw a programme,

About Aborigines,

There it was, the boomerang,

Thrown with so much ease.

The magic of the boomerang,

When thrown it comes back,

Saving time and energy,

Searching down some track.

It took a little time to learn,

But I’ve got it in the bag,

My boomerang is kind to me,

It returns, I shouldn’t brag.

“The Slippery Slide” by Toni Newell




The Slippery Slide


I’m the old slippery slide,

King of the playground,

All the kids slide down me,

As squeals and laughter sound.

Many things have been replaced,

However, I’m still there,

And lots of little bottoms,

Still slide down without a care.