Budgie ‘Blue’ by Toni Newell

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The Australian Budgerigar, (Melopsittacus undulates) nicknamed Budgie.

In the wild they are green and yellow with black scalloped markings. They are found throughout the drier parts of Australia.

In captivity they have been bred resulting in a wide variety of colours amongst which are blue, whites, greys and yellow.

They are a very popular pet and can be taught to speak.

They are around 18 cm in length with a wingspan of 30 cm.

Their diet consists of seeds, greens and fruit.




I used to have a budgerigar,

And his name was ‘Blue’,

He’d look into his mirror,

And chirp a song or two.

At night his cage was covered,

We’d teach him how to speak,

Constantly repeating,

“Pretty boy”, many times a week.

Finally one morning,

Blue was on his swing,

Saying “pretty boy, pretty boy”

It was the greatest thing.

“Winter Comfort” by Toni Newell

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I love a winters evening,

Sitting on my settee,

Billy’s head on my lap,

Feeling warm and comfy.

Outside the wind is blowing,

And I can hear the rain,

Pelting on the window,

Water gushing down the drain.

The television’s on,

Don’t need to rush to bed,

Tomorrow is the weekend,

Fun and freedom lay ahead.

But in this moment I’ll enjoy,

My time with Billy Joe,

Snuggled on the settee,

Watching a TV show.

“A Small Step to Normality” by Toni Newell

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A Small Step to Normality


It’s nice to see the children,

Playing in the park again,

Barriers and tape removed,

With groups of up to ten.

It’s nice to hear their laughter,

See them swinging on a swing,

Or sliding down a slide,

Only to climb back up again.

There’s a perception of normality,

Although it’s only a small part,

And watching on gives us hope,

That were’re making a good start.

“Autumn Tapestry” by Toni Newell


Autumn Tapestry


Colours infiltrate me,

Infuse into my mind,

Riding on an autumn leaf,

Leaving earth behind.

I see a tapestry of leaves,

Scattered far below,

Red and ochre intertwined,

Putting on a show.

Uplifted by the current,

I drift into the sky,

On a wave of breeze,

Floating way up high.

Suddenly I’m falling,

Then up again I go,

No sooner have I risen up,

I’m in a downward throw.

Finally, I land,

Amidst the other leaves,

And I find myself again,

Part of the tapestry.

“Autumn Leaves” by Toni Newell


Autumn Leaves


Autumns natural carpet,

Made of falling leaves,

Bold and bright colours,

A tapestry it weaves.

Trees feel  lighter,

Branches open to the sun,

Absorbing its energy,

As sun’s rays rest upon.

Winter fast approaching,

Bear branches await,

The cold and the comfort,

When they can hibernate.

“Artistic Creation” by Toni Newell

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Artistic Creation


A box of coloured pencils,

Or watercolour paint,

Place together with a child,

There’ll be no complaint.

May get a little messy,

When creating at a table,

But art will be produced,

As much as they are as able.

Little need for guidance,

As imaginations flow,

Paint or pencil are applied,

And then there is the show.

A sharing of the art created,

By young and loving hands,

A glimpse into the future,

Of potential artists stands.


















“My Mum” by Toni Newell


My Mum


My mum is the best,

She cooks my favourite meals,

She gives me lots of hugs,

For her I’d do cartwheels.


She does all my washing,

And all my ironing too,

Drives me to footy training,

There’s little I need to do.


She often takes me shopping,

For cloths and shoes and stuff,

I’ve never heard her complain,

Even when things get tough.


She’s a very special person,

Unselfish, loving and kind,

I’m so lucky she’s my mum,

I love her with all my heart and mind.


“Naturally Artistic” by Toni Newell




Naturally Artistic


Kids are naturally artistic,

In so many different ways,

Free from self-judgement,

Not restricted in anyway.


Their mind’s an open palette,

With fearless application,

Producing works of art,

With gusto, not frustration.


There are no expectations,

Just imaginations wild,

Creating an extension,

Of what they feel inside.






“Anzac Day” by Toni Newell

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Anzac Day

In two thousand and twenty,

We will celebrate,

Anzac Day a different way,

And we can all participate.

We won’t be going to the shrineBut, in the morning at 5.55,

We’ll observe a minute’s silence,

At the very end of our drive.

We can all stand as a nation,

Honour those who fought the war,

Whilst fighting our own battle,

Against this virus so obscure.