Poem of the Day



by Allan Cropper


‘I’ve examined you quite thoroughly,’

Is what my doctor said.

‘It seems there’s too much empty space

existing in your head.’

‘The vast expanse between your ears

Is that which makes you ill.

It’s far too great a cavity

for your small brain to fill.

You need to go expand your mind,

to fill the empty void,

if rattling noise inside your head

you’re wishing to avoid.’


So I went to the library

and took out lots of books.

Reading lots of stories is

much harder than it looks.

I read and read and read and read

each day, right after school.


I read and read and read and read

until my brain was full.

I read stories about pirates,

I read stories about sport.

I read stories about heroes

and the battles that they fought.

I read stories of adventurers

in the jungles dark and green,

stories of explorers finding

lands no one had seen.


I read fiction books, non-fiction books,

and reference books as well.

And very soon I noticed

that my brain began to swell.

I fear I overfilled my brain

‘Cause it just grows and grows,

and now my poor expanding brain

Leaks out my ears and nose.

So doctor can you tell me how

to keep my brain in check?

My brain keeps oozing out my head

and down my face and neck.


If my brain keeps on expanding

I’m afraid my skull will crack

Quite frankly, Doc, I’d rather have

That awful rattle back.


Poem of the Day

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An Alphabet of Magic

by S D Bellhouse


A is for Alchemy

B is for Blizzard

C is for Charms and Chants, but not for wizard

D is for Devices used to bedazzle

E is for Enchanters out on the razzle!

F is for Fairies, fleet of foot and Foretelling

G is for Gnomes, grumpy and cave dwelling

H is for Hemlock, beloved of most wizards

I is for Innards, (entrails and gizzards)

J is for Jealousy, Jinxes and Journeys

K is for Kelp, Kapow and Kahoots

L is for Lessons and Seven League Boots

M is for Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

N is for Nocturnal Necromancer, all must obey him

O is for Owl, far seeing and wise

P is for Physic and Potions to vanish before your eyes

Q is for Quest and Questioning too

R is for Readings of books old and new

S is for Spells, to stun or stupefy

T is for Toadstools, give them a try.

U is for the Unknown, better unseen

V is for Vixen, an evil queen

W is Witches, Warlocks and Wizards

X is for Xenthora, a tree seldom seen

Y is for Yearning to know where you’ve been

Z is for Zephyrs, magical winds

An alphabet of magic is where your journey begins…