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An Alphabet of Magic

by S D Bellhouse


A is for Alchemy

B is for Blizzard

C is for Charms and Chants, but not for wizard

D is for Devices used to bedazzle

E is for Enchanters out on the razzle!

F is for Fairies, fleet of foot and Foretelling

G is for Gnomes, grumpy and cave dwelling

H is for Hemlock, beloved of most wizards

I is for Innards, (entrails and gizzards)

J is for Jealousy, Jinxes and Journeys

K is for Kelp, Kapow and Kahoots

L is for Lessons and Seven League Boots

M is for Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

N is for Nocturnal Necromancer, all must obey him

O is for Owl, far seeing and wise

P is for Physic and Potions to vanish before your eyes

Q is for Quest and Questioning too

R is for Readings of books old and new

S is for Spells, to stun or stupefy

T is for Toadstools, give them a try.

U is for the Unknown, better unseen

V is for Vixen, an evil queen

W is Witches, Warlocks and Wizards

X is for Xenthora, a tree seldom seen

Y is for Yearning to know where you’ve been

Z is for Zephyrs, magical winds

An alphabet of magic is where your journey begins…