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I was a golden dragon

The kiss of grasses brushed my ankles

And then I rose into the sky

Where I cavorted at first

Then drifted

brushing the clouds,

a wondrous lilting shape that those below

beheld with awe.

Gold and crimson I lapped the world

like a god commanding


and everyone

all things revolved around me

I owned the day

Shattered it with my beauty

And my gigantic roar.



yesterday was a dream

and now I am but a mere child

my mother standing over me

with her many demands

I must obey.

by Dianne Bates
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #14

Poetry Prompt 14

Poem of the Day

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Back Soon!

By Louise Molloy

He stands before the dragon
And sidles closer still,
No fiery breath nor fury greets him,
But eyes half-shut
And scales dull grey,

The dragon lets its tongue loll
And splutters loudly, ENTER!
He climbs each quiver
Of its quivering tongue
And peers into its dark, dark mouth,

He peers down its dark, dark throat,
“I’ll need my weapons to cure your ill.”
“No worries, I’ll be back soon.”


  • Inspired by Words+Pictures #2 poetry challenge. Louise said she took poetic licence and ‘The castle with its steps, dark door and hooded window turned into a sick dragon for me’.

    Photo: Neil Mulligan

    Photo: Neil Mulligan


Poem of the Day


Kevin Smith’s Dragon


You wouldn’t think, to look at him,

that Kevin Smith has a dragon for a pet –

he says he has –

keeps it in the garden shed

and feeds it chillies and onions and very hot curry –

he says he does –

Kevin is teaching the dragon tricks,

it will sit up and beg for Brussels sprouts –

he says it does.

Pets aren’t allowed at school,

but still, he’s going to bring it in one day –

he says he will –

but he’s waiting till it’s really tame,

and he has trained it to stop ripping with its dreadful claws,

and lashing people with its scaly tail,

and burning curtains with its fiery breath –

then he’s going to bring it in –

he says he is.

Anne Bell

First published in Celebrate (Triple D Books)