Poem of the Day



by Anne Bell

Past houses,trees and grazing sheep,

I race and rock and sway

and I say to the track of strong, firm steel

that likes the sound of a hurrying wheel,

I’ll soon be back,

be back,

be back.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #13.


Author comment:  Goodness gracious me…this was first published in The School Magaz Circa Yonks AD when that journal was edited by Lilith Norman and still in black and white mode.

Poem of the Day



by Anne Bell

Late sunlight tight-ropes across roof-tops

and maple trees finger a no-colour sky,

searching for not-yet stars;

on the side-walks

ginkos let fall their memories of summer

for the wind to riffle through,

and the scent of pancakes and coffee and chilli con carne

comes hurrying down the street.

Somewhere, out of sight,

a saxophone stands on tip-toe for a note  –

and the thought of tomorrow sings in my heart.

A version of this poem was first published in “The Voice” (NSW Speech and Drama Assoc.)

Poem of the Day


Kevin Smith’s Dragon


You wouldn’t think, to look at him,

that Kevin Smith has a dragon for a pet –

he says he has –

keeps it in the garden shed

and feeds it chillies and onions and very hot curry –

he says he does –

Kevin is teaching the dragon tricks,

it will sit up and beg for Brussels sprouts –

he says it does.

Pets aren’t allowed at school,

but still, he’s going to bring it in one day –

he says he will –

but he’s waiting till it’s really tame,

and he has trained it to stop ripping with its dreadful claws,

and lashing people with its scaly tail,

and burning curtains with its fiery breath –

then he’s going to bring it in –

he says he is.

Anne Bell

First published in Celebrate (Triple D Books)