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Rose is red and Violet’s all blue


Rose loved painting,

Violet loved it too.

Rose painted with red,

Violet with blue.


They crept out of bed,

To paint in the night.

But Mum came in,

‘Aaaagh!’ And got such a fright.


‘Sorry Mummy,’ said Rose, all red.

‘Sorry Mummy,’ said Violet, all blue.

‘It’s okay, my little monsters,

‘I know what to do.’


Mum drew a big bath,

And plopped them both in.

Whooshed them round,

And into a spin.


The monsters spun round,

Splished and splashed.

Water whirled round,

And both colours clashed.


Now Violet wasn’t blue,

And Rose was not red.

‘Yippeeee!’ they cried,

‘We’re purple instead!’


Now Mum feeling faint,

Took out some more paint.

‘Perhaps some white,

Will fix them all right.’


The water whooshed round,

And down the sink.

‘Aaaagh!’ wailed mum,

‘My monsters are pink.’


Nanna came in,

with a towel so green.

She scrubbed while she dried,

Until they were clean.


Not purple or pink,

Or blue or red.

But finally all green,

And ready for bed.

Ken Williams
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #41


Poem of the Day

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This Is Me!


Morning sun throws out gold to fill up the sky,

I wake, thoughts wash through my brain as I lie.


I eat in a room full of joy and sunshine

And vow to myself that this day shall be mine.


I pack up my things and climb on my bike

And pedal and pedal, this is just what I like!


Happiness bubbles I recognise glee,

I dance and I twirl. This is me, this is me!


I pedal back home with a smile on my face,

I need no one to tell me I’m in just the right place.


The moon rises up as I sink into sleep

And dreams take my soul to a midnight blue deep.

Patti Bourne
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #42
    Prompt5Patti said: I love sing song poetry for children and this one was written for my ‘child self’!

Poem of the Day


A Scorpion’s Search

A scorpion christened Cruella, left home to search for a fella.

She sifted through sand and she searched under slate.

She peered under pebbles to look for a mate.

She reached under rocks and she gazed at the ground

but a masculine mini beast couldn’t be found.


Cruella, poor creature, was filled with despair.

There had to be someone who loved her out there.

But wait! She heard rustling and spotted the cause.

From a burrow appeared some spectacular claws.


They belonged to a sumptuous scorpion male.

What glorious eyes, and that sting in his tail!

It was love at first sight for Cruella and friend,

Which is how satisfactory quests all should end.

Pat Simmons
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #42