Things I love about Christmas

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 Things I love about Christmas

For Natalie


Christmas is my favourite time,

the best part of the year,

it’s when we get to celebrate,

our hearts so full of cheer.


I love Christmas stories,

I love Christmas songs,

I love Carols in the Park

where we can sing along.


I love the Christmas table

with its cloth of red and gold,

crackers, candles, fresh pine trees

from deep forests of old.


I love to wrap the presents,

put one beneath the wishing tree,

I love decorations and all the lights

sparkling down on me.


I love the magic of Christmas Eve,

leaving Santa his milk and mince pies,

some carrots for his reindeer

who soar down from the skies.


On Christmas morning I awake

to think of the baby come from above,

remembering why we do it all

because of love, love, love.




Vanessa Proctor

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