Prompt #18 Food


This weeks prompt is Food. There are many creative ways food can be presented to children. Let’s feed their minds as well with fun creative food poems.


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A few events coming up.

Celia one of our regulars is having a book launch in Cairns later this week.

Virginia and John Lowe have a poetry book launch in Melbourne next weekend.

Please send me information about other events you would like promoted.


And here are a few photos from our trip. Maybe I’m the only person ever to have taken Mr Snuffleupagus to the tip of Cape York. This was a highlight as well as staying in a rainforest for two nights. The sounds were amazing. We went on a day trip to Thursday Island which included a bus tour. It was very interesting. They have trade winds on Thursday Island 7 months of the year. In the afternoon it got quite windy and the trip back in the ferry was a bit Wonky Donkey. I bought a KitKat to cope with it. 🍫 I had time on the trip to write and developed an interest in Haiku and gave it a go. Echidna Tracks is a Haiku site you can join and receive one every morning. The ‘ahhh’ moment in this form of poetry appeals to me. I will put a few resources I was given up on the site in the next month.




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The Easter Hat Parade

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The Easter Hat Parade


2K has been busy

2K has had fun

making Easter bonnets

with Dad and with Mum.


We’ve spent many hours

cutting out flowers,

using cardboard and glue

and crepe paper too.


Some hats are like bunnies

with ears floppy and funny,

Others have eggs and chicks,

with colours all sunny.


So put on your hats,

tie up the bow.

Your magnificent creations

make a marvellous show.




Vanessa Proctor

 Things I love about Christmas

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 Things I love about Christmas

For Natalie


Christmas is my favourite time,

the best part of the year,

it’s when we get to celebrate,

our hearts so full of cheer.


I love Christmas stories,

I love Christmas songs,

I love Carols in the Park

where we can sing along.


I love the Christmas table

with its cloth of red and gold,

crackers, candles, fresh pine trees

from deep forests of old.


I love to wrap the presents,

put one beneath the wishing tree,

I love decorations and all the lights

sparkling down on me.


I love the magic of Christmas Eve,

leaving Santa his milk and mince pies,

some carrots for his reindeer

who soar down from the skies.


On Christmas morning I awake

to think of the baby come from above,

remembering why we do it all

because of love, love, love.




Vanessa Proctor

Poem of the Day

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A Jar of Pickles


I had a jar of pickles,

but they were very fickle.

I had to go in for a quick kill,

but couldn’t get them out

without a fierce rout.

Firmly wedged inside the jar

they wouldn’t budge a bar

until I tried a tickle

then out they poured in a trickle

that fickle jar of pickles.

Vanessa Proctor
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #32

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Poem of the Day

Today’s poem was runner up in the 13th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.

Looking at the Moon through Binoculars


Perfectly round

the moon comes into focus,

luminous, haloed,

almost close enough to touch.

In this lunar landscape

there are mountains, craters

highlands and valleys,

the Sea of Tranquility,

the Ocean of Storms.

Three days’ journey

catapulted through

the blackness of space

past comets, stars

and satellites to reach

my destination.

I’d land on the bright side

of the moon,

my boots sinking into

silvery dust, soft like snow,

I’d jump over moon rocks,

check for signs of life,

then I’d turn to face the earth,

blue and green and beautiful

and I would wave.

Vanessa Proctor

Poem of the Day


The night sky

fills with the shrieks

of flying foxes,

street lights

cast strange shadows

and the last ferry

blinks across the harbour,

the tide lap-lapping

the foreshore,

as the city stretches,

then curls in

upon itself.

Vanessa Proctor


Through the Looking Glass

Volume V Issue I, March 2016