Poem of the Day


Today’s poem placed third in the 13th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.

Refugee Girl In the Playground

Watching you

I see a pale string

drifting       out the door

stretching back

to where your parents died

in a faraway war.


In class you hold books

as if they were gold

squeal with delight

when the computer comes on

and now you smile

clap your hands

your voice tap-dances with English

making it hum

in mysterious ways.

You eat your lunch slowly

every bite precious

eyes scanning faces

looking for a smile

a spark of welcome

making the day

learning so much

teaching too.

Duncan Richardson





Poem of the Day

Today’s poem was runner up in the 13th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.

Looking at the Moon through Binoculars


Perfectly round

the moon comes into focus,

luminous, haloed,

almost close enough to touch.

In this lunar landscape

there are mountains, craters

highlands and valleys,

the Sea of Tranquility,

the Ocean of Storms.

Three days’ journey

catapulted through

the blackness of space

past comets, stars

and satellites to reach

my destination.

I’d land on the bright side

of the moon,

my boots sinking into

silvery dust, soft like snow,

I’d jump over moon rocks,

check for signs of life,

then I’d turn to face the earth,

blue and green and beautiful

and I would wave.

Vanessa Proctor

Poem of the Day

Today’s poem was the winner of the 13th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.


I stood at the glass barrier,

looking in.

One lion, facing away,

gnawed at a raw bone in the grass;

one lion stood

on the prow of the hill,

looking out.


This one was not cowed –

his maw opened

and his roar filled my ears

with a storm over sea,

with the wind on the plains,

with a rolling thunder

deep and wise and proud.


I shivered at the sound,

and I wondered

which of us

was the prisoner.

 Jaz Stutley