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What fun to dance like the dinosaurs did

In a prehistoric way.

In addition to lying around in the sun,

Super-sized creatures need oodles of fun.

If you’re built like Tyrannosaurus Rex,

There are rules of conduct the world expects;

What fun to dance like the dinosaurs did,

In a prehistoric way.


What fun to dance like the dinosaurs did

And go waltzing round and round.

One two three, one two three, you can say –

It’s great to be dancing the dinosaur way.

When you move like Tyrannosaurus Rex,

You have to go slowly – as one expects;

What fun to dance like the dinosaurs did,

And go waltzing round and round.

“MY DOG RUPERT” by Jaz Stutley




My dog Rupert¹s cool and slick

And he has a special trick:

When he hears opera, blues and jazz,

My goodness, what a voice he has!


It starts to ripple, soar and glide,

At our applause it soars with pride.

He lifts his nose and shuts his eyes

And sings his heart out to the skies.


He sings to piano, saxophone,

Bagpipes, flute and slide trombone.

The penny whistle and kazoo;

Accordion and harmonica too.


On Saturdays, just down our street

A band plays with a rocking beat.

And my dog Rupert steals the show

When he sings high and he sings low.


He sings the themes to TV shows

The news, cartoons, and all of those.

But Rupert has a secret goal:

To be a star of rock and roll.


When he performs the Rupert Rap

The people whistle, cheer and clap.

I¹m just afraid that he¹s so good

They¹ll sign him up for Hollywood!





Away in a corner
where nobody goes,
there is a secret
that nobody knows.
Each year at Easter
Mum, Dad and me,
we go to visit
the Easter egg tree.

Has that Easter bunny
used his hiding-place?
We search in the branches,
and all round the base.
He’s hopped through the paddocks
to our special tree
to leave lots of eggs there
for Mum, Dad and me.

Eggs red and yellow,
eggs blue and green;
that’s how we know
Easter bunny has been.
Yes, each year at Easter
Mum, Dad and me,
find Easter eggs in
the Easter egg tree.

Jaz Stutley

This is a true story! I wrote the poem for my daughter. When she was
small we used to stay in the country each Easter.
Mysteriously, when we visited a large gumtree away across the paddocks,
we always found Easter eggs. Once she even said she saw the bunny in the

The Noise In The Night

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What’s that noise! What can it be?
A mouse, a rat, a twig, a tree…
A window shivering in the breeze?
A snore, a snort, a cough, a sneeze?

The noise – and there it goes again!
What a problem! What a pain!
To have to follow up that noise
And discover what’s the cause.

Why are these books upon the floor?
Just maybe I forgot before
To pick them up, to brush or sweep
Before I had to go to sleep.

What are those whiskers twitching there
Beside the couch, behind the chair?
Much too big for mouse or rat
A different shape to dog or cat?

A small pink nose, and dark round eyes
Staring at my great surprise,
The possum leaves its tiny cave
And hides behind the microwave!

It crouches to become quite small
As though it isn’t there at all;
But – sorry, possum – you can’t stay,
A kitchen’s not a place to play.

I left the window open wide,
Banana and apple close beside.
Stumbled to bed. A stretch, a yawn.
And in the morning, Poss had gone.

– Jaz Stutley


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The sun finds a hole in a cloud.

It shines on me.

‘Why on me?’ I say to the sun.

‘Because you’ve just begun.’

‘Mummy says I am three.’

‘That’s fine,’ says the sun,

‘You’ve just begun. Not me.’

I look at the sun, I can hardly see –

It’s so big and shiny and proud.

I am proud to be three

With a shine that is mine.

I smile like the sun

It’s fine.

Jaz Stutley

The Good Ship Gumtree



We pinch a tea towel for a sail,

And to the deck the ladder scale.

With any luck we’ll spy a whale

From the Good Ship Gumtree.


We climb the rigging till we stop;

Reach the crow’s nest up tiptop,

Then down upon the floor we flop,

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


No crows upon this ship today,

But cockies screech and fly away.

And sailing onwards, branches sway

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


The horizon is a sea of green:

The biggest waves you’ve ever seen.

Only the breeze knows where we’ve been

On the Good Ship Gumtree.


Ahoy, ahoy, what’s that ahead?

A school of fish – a flock instead?

Parrotfish of blue and red

Around the Good Ship Gumtree.


And when sunset floods the sky

We head to port and dock nearby.

“Was it fun?” asks Mum. “Aye, aye,

We sailed the Good Ship Gumtree.”



When I was tree-climbing age, I enjoyed the view from the top branches, and only once had to be rescued!

Jaz Stutley

“The Fur-O-Saurus” with Teacher notes

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The Fur-O-Saurus moved in one day

And I’m sad to say that it’s here to stay.

It raids the cupboards and fridge for food;

When you’re not looking, it’s up to no good.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

Its eyes and teeth are quite enormous.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus:

A cat or a dog; or is it a walrus?


The Fur-O-Saurus sleeps on my bed.

I have suggested the roof instead.

Rodents don’t interest it at all –

“A rat – what’s that? A mouse? Too small!”

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

Its eyes and teeth are quite enormous.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

If there was a tune, this would be a chorus.


The Fur-O-Saurus is not polite.

It lazes all day and yowls all night.

It’s large and lumpy and striped and strange;

It has fleas and flies and mumps and mange.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

Its eyes and teeth are quite enormous.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

In a certain light, it is weirdly gorgeous.


I tried to donate it to the zoo:

“A Fur-O-Saurus – it’s old but new.”

But sad to say, they turned it down;

I’ll wait till the circus comes to town.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

Its eyes and teeth are quite enormous.

Fur-O-Saurus; Fur-O-Saurus;

What a spectacular performance!


Jaz Stutley

This poem started life as a song, which is why a tune is mentioned. Do you think it would make a good song?

It is a about a large beast which could look like a dog or cat, or perhaps a dinosaur with fur. In any case you don’t wish to meet one on a dark night!
It is lazy, eats a lot, and doesn’t do anything useful. Do you know an animal like this? You could draw a picture of what you think a Fur-o-Saurus looks like.

Some of the rhymes are “near” rhymes – such as food and good; enormous and walrus, chorus, gorgeous, performance.
Sometimes a writer can use this method when there is a word that is difficult to rhyme – as long as the rhythm works when you say the lines out loud.
Do you think it does? Beat out the rhythm as you read the lines.

Also there is an “internal rhyme” (words that rhyme in the same line) near the beginning of the poem. Can you find it?