“Night Stalker” by Julie Cahill

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It seems of late, a cheeky elf has morphed inside of me
At night I lay here wide awake, then sneak away to see
Creatures great and creatures small, some all lithe and inky
Some are kind and others hungry and some are downright stinky
Flitting in between the trees, over hill and dale
Suddenly I’m stationary, morphed into a snail
My Mum will worry when she finds I’m nowhere to be found
‘I’m down here, Mum, in the bushes sliding on the ground.’
But as I crane my neck right out, far out from my shell
My arms fall out, turn to wings and lift me from that hell
I’m soaring now; a butterfly, orange, green and blue and as I land I’m now confronted by a young girl’s shoe
It looks familiar, that it does, pressed against my nose
Good gracious I was dreaming then almost comatose
I must have fallen from my bed, knocked myself unconscious
I twitch each part hoping that every part’s responsive
I hear Mum calling
‘Breakfast time,’ I stand and dust my pride
But don’t you worry, Cheeky Elf is safely tucked inside.

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