“Mr Squiggle:the man from the moon” by Andrew Carter

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Mr. Squiggle: the man from the moon


Here’s Mr. Squiggle, with lots of puns for everyone

Here’s Mr. Squiggle, sing a tune from the moon

You can see with glee his home’s a mystery

Crater Crescent – his home on the moon.


Blackboard says, ‘upside-down, upside down’

‘Hurry-up, hurry-up, Easel frowns,

Steamshovel has a joke, Mr. Squiggle says, ‘soon’

‘Knock, knock,’ ‘I’m home on the moon’


Children write-in squiggles and tricky riddles

Mr. Squiggle solves scribbly dibbly scribbles

Pencils by his nose, everything he knows

He walks the moon with a happy lunar tune

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