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The old cat

is no longer a biter, a fighter

a bouncer, a pouncer,

a mouser, a rouser.

Nothing is afraid of this

stay-at-home sleepyhead

furrer, purrer, lap warmer,

cozy cuddler in the corner.

Vanessa Proctor


First published in The School Magazine, Countdown, July 2016

Poem of the Day

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We blow them in streams

across the yard,

some small and marble-sized,

others as big as baseballs.

Every bubble iridescent,

a perfect world of its own,

mirroring grass, sky,

occasionally our faces.

Bubbles glinting with sunlight

swirl skyward or

float to the ground.

Each one

a little miracle

before it pops.

Vanessa Proctor
  • Published in The School Magazine, Orbit, August 2015