“The Tale of the Dragon” by Monty Edwards

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Here’s a tale about a dragon

And I’m sure it must be true:

It was told me by my grandpa,

Who would do the same for you.

Now he said that he saw this dragon

When his family had a farm;

This had left them all quite worried

That their sheep might come to harm.


So each day, the sheep were counted,

But they found none burnt or fried;

Not a lamb was ever roasted,

Or the dragon just once spied.

It then seemed that only grandpa

Still believed the dragon real,

So I’m sure you can imagine

How that made poor grandpa feel!


Now, of course, he wasn’t old then:

Maybe eight or nine at most,

So his parents then suggested

That perhaps he had seen a ghost –

Of a dragon that once lived there:

One that breathed out fire and smoke.

But he said they were quite mistaken:

He’d just made it up as a joke!


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