“Facing our Fears”  by Celia Berrell



Serpent-like monsters,

grotesque teeth and claws,

wide wondrous wings

and frightening jaws.

Scaly or feathery,

bellowing fire,

this dragon’s our fear

to hire or retire.


Most humans will have

innate fear of snakes.

Don’t want to be bitten

or eaten like cakes.

Nor to be gouged

or burnt into flakes.

And flying or falling

can give us the shakes!


This dragon of terror

can come to our aid.

By facing our fears,

our future is made.

And like many fears,

once overcome,

our dragon could end-up

being our chum.

2 thoughts on ““Facing our Fears”  by Celia Berrell

  1. Lovely, Celia – and thought-provoking. You always give us a multi-layered message and I’m sure you have a hugely appreciative young audience.

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