“Spring has Sprung” by Toni Newell

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung,

Nests are made,

Vibrant colours,

Are on parade.

Birds are singing,

Their mating song,

Perfumed breeze,

Is swept along.

New growth,

Fragrant walks,

Grass growing,

On sidewalks.

Winter’s cold,

Now gone away,

The sun is warm,

A beautiful day.

Days are longer,

Lizard ‘Blue Tongue’,

Out of hibernation,

Spring has sprung.


“Spring Cycle” by James Aitchison

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Spring cycle


When winter leaves

Leaves grow again,

Again the buds of spring

Spring into life,

Life takes on a new meaning,

Meaning of course it’s spring.


Spring, when winter leaves

Leaves grow again,

Again the world is new,

New — and freshly scented,

Scented with flowers and hope,

Hope that trouble, like winter, leaves.

“Is Fake News Monkey-business?”  by Celia Berrell

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Is Fake News Monkey-business? 




and being



fake news

is skewing

our rationale.


No more


on things

that are boring.

The dash

to get printed

or famously best,

means stunning

results might

have lied on

their tests.


Then doors,

opened hastily,


a calamity,




and mess!


“Spring” by Margaret Brazzale

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The birds that  graced my garden through Winter’s cold

Now, melodically, spend their time

Calling for a mate among their kind

Or inspecting nest sites new and old.

Thus, has Spring’s renewal unfurled

In my small corner of the world.


                                                            Margaret Brazzale

“A Street? Of Many Names“ by Toni Newell


A Street? Of Many Names


Walking down a street,

It occurred to me,

Why was it called a Street?

The question bothered me.

So many different names,

For a thoroughfare,

Roads, Groves and Avenues,

Were examples to share.

Boulevards and Terraces,

The Drive and The Place,

Different names for much the same,

A carriageway or space.

A Court, Close and Cul-de-sac

Meaning, no through road,

Highway, Freeway, Motorway,

My mind’s in overload.

Esplanade and the Bend,

Parade and also Cove,

Heights and the Muse,

Of words a treasure trove.

The Crescent, Way and Alley,

Let’s not forget the Lane,

I’m sure I’ve missed a few,

I find this quite insane.

So many different words,

In essence mean the same,

Each word takes you somewhere,

But by a different name.

“Broomfield Park” by Katherine Gallagher


Broomfield Park


A moorhen busies herself,

rocks this way and that

on a wave-washed nest.


Swans float in late afternoon chill,

shadows lengthen,

chestnut buds swell.


Forsythia trembles the breeze –

pastel-green willows barely move

dipping branch-tips into the lake.


Every year I wait for this –

first flowers, trees leafing

on sculpted branches,


reflecting in the water

their steadfast

cascades of green.


©Katherine Gallagher

“Spoon Villages” by Toni Newell


Spoon Villages


Walking around my suburb,

I noticed we’d increased today,

In several streets there were villages,

Of spoon people on display.


Villages made by children,

Welcomed us all to view,

Some carried an invitation,

To add a spoon or two.


I thought it was a great idea,

A community on the verge,

Where there were no restrictions,

And visitors they did urge.


Spoons were brightly dressed,

Standing together as one,

I’m sure that all the children,

In creating the village had fun.


Helping children to cope,

Inspiring normality,

Embracing imagination,

Dealing with Covid reality.

“Amanda Davis” by Jeanie Axton

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Amanda Davis

sometimes called Mavis

devoured a mango in May

It dripped down her dress

the juice made a right mess

that couldn’t be scrubbed away!


Her mother was frantic

she threw a huge wobbly

that frightened the families Maltese

He leapt over the fence

sprung up high in the air

and floated away with the breeze


Amanda Davis

sometimes called Mavis

was banned from Mangos in May

She ditched the old dress

took an interest in chess

and chomped on apples instead


“Dinner Dinosaur”  by Celia Berrell

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Their dinosaur mother

left earlier on

as Sauropods never

cared for their young.


So baby-saurs scratched

from inside their shells

‘til together they hatched

from their eggy cells.


Their nest had a guest

of a hungry snake

just waiting for food

to hatch on its plate!


But snakes only munch

one mouthful for tea.

So hatching at once,

most babies ran free.



There’s safety in numbers … for some anyway!