“Make reading your secret power” by James Aitchison

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Make reading your secret power


Wimpy Kid and Winnie the Pooh,

Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit,

Rangers Apprentice and Dr Who

All give you the reading habit.


The words form pictures in your mind

Just read a book and find out how!

You will never get left behind

When readings your secret power!

“Evolving Books” by Toni Newell

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Evolving Books


When I was very young,

My mother read to me,

And I met ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’,

And young ‘Heidi’,

Then there was ‘Charlotte’,

And ‘Koala Lou’,

‘Thomas the Tank Engine’,

And the ‘Gruffalo’.

When I was a little older,

And had learned how to read,

I met Enid Blyton,

Her ‘Famous Five’, I believe,

And later it was science,

And then literature galore,

Biology and math equations,

History, art, and even more.

And later in my life,

When the decision was mine,

I embraced murder mysteries,

Biographies and crime.

There is so much to choose from,

And so very much to learn,

But with technical evolution,

Let’s pray our books don’t burn.

”Reading Is My Secret Power” by Kylie Covark


Reading Is My Secret Power



I’ve got special powers!

Do you promise not to tell?

My powers are a secret;

Lean in and listen well.

I can open any door,

And answer any, ‘Why?’

I can travel back

In time and space,

And sometimes even fly.

I’ve got every super power

That a kid could ever need.

And you can have them too,

My friend,

If you just sit and read

”Book Week” by Julie Cahill

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Book Week
Book Week comes and Book Week goes
To keep us on our tippy toes
Wondering what we all should wear?
Make-up, perfume, curly hair?
The theme’s diverse on stories read
Let me see, I’ll think in bed
I’ll tie my thinking cap up tight . . .
And stay awake for half the night
‘Harry Potter,’ he’s the guy
But Harrys will already fly
Into classrooms; out of books
Giving teachers cheeky looks
The Grinch – now he would make a scene
I’ll paint my face all slimy green
On second thoughts, maybe not
I’d end up like some slimy snot
How about a super Hero?
Batman, Spidy, to stir the marrow
But then again I am a girl
so feminine could take a whirl
Cinderella, Tinker Bell
Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel
Hey, I could grow my hair . . .
Not when we are almost there
Perhaps I’ll give the thought a miss
Write a story; use a twist
Yes, I know now who I’ll be
Here I come as crafty me

Prompt #21 “Book Week”

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Good Morning

Here is a link to the 2019 book week site.

The theme this year is “Reading is my Secret Power”


Have a read.

What can you write to promote Book Week?

Please share the poems each day in as many ways as you can.

Send in poems this week to




“Shine Moon” by Andrew Carter

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Shine Moon


Rats race to the moon for the biggest piece of cheese

Fat rats fly on upward on a perilous lunar mission

Flying on rocketing clouds their tails stiff in the breeze

They no not what will come of their loony decision.


Earths plagued by starving rats begging food to eat

A fragile globe is spoiledkilled for meat of beasts.

Ratus ratus moves to the moon in a rocket ship fleet

Hoping science will provide more than cheese for feasts.


Only one man lives on the moonone Mister Scribbly Dibbler

He plays a mystery moony tune – on a silvery harmonica

Snorts some moonshine whiskey; what a rhymey riddler

His origins remembered from forbears in Thessalonica.


Mr Scribble scribbles a riddle deep inside a crater

Isn’t science fun? Will we see you later?