Valentine Acrostic by Monty Edwards

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Very special person;
Always on my mind;
Listens to my worries;
Ever very kind;
Never shouts in anger;
Trusts me too, I find.
I declare
None compare.
(Every lover’s blind).


“A Summer Ottava Rima” by James Aitchison with Teacher Notes

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The crash of waves is always in the air,

And caravans adorn the crowded shore.

People roast on towels without a care,

Or find new rocky outcrops to explore.

Crunchy crystal sand grows too hot to bear,

Yet we stay: it’s what all Aussies yearn for!

In summertime, this is our golden place;

Then winter comes and banishes all trace.

                                               James Aitchison


The ottava rima is a very rhythmic form of Italian poetry, first written in the fourteenth century.

Lord Byron and William Butler Yeats also used the form.

The rules:

  1. Each stanza has 8 lines
  2. You can create one stanza as a stand alone 8-line poem, or write multiple stanzas
  3. The first six lines have an a-b-a-b-a-b rhyme scheme, capped with a c-c couplet
  4. Mostly an ottava rima is written in iambic pentameter or 10-syllable lines.

Have fun!

“Cupid has Struck” by June Perkins

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Cupid has Struck


Labrador protects duckling,

while cat cuddles fox,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.


A dog and elephant water play,

And chicken warms some puppies,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.


A dog howls with the owl

giraffe and ostrich nuzzle necks,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.


These dear ones

love beyond feather, furs and skin;

see friendship

Is more than luck.


Inspired by stories of unusual animal friendships and playful Jazz songs.

” Mudpies for my Valentine” by Mary Serenc

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Mudpies for my Valentine.


I stirred the mixture

and poured it in

each round hole

of the muffin tin.


I baked them

in the burning sun

and waited

till each pie was done.


Mudpies, Mudpies

For my Valentine.


I tapped them out

and served her three.

“Oh,” she said.

“Are these for me?’


She was just about to

take a bite

when she said,

“These don’t look right.”


Mudpies Mudpies

For my Valentine.


“You eat one first,”

she cried.

“Oh I’m not hungry,”

I replied.


She laughed

then placed her hand in mine,

my funny

clever Valentine.


Mudpies Mudpies

For my Valentine


“Cuddle Me” by Celia Berrell (Valentines Day continued)

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Cuddle Me


A fond embrace

a caring hug

can make us feel

secure and snug.

Hugs are happy

heartfelt, swish.

A tender nestle’s

just the dish.


With eight lithe arms

that gently squish,

there’s cuddles from

a cuddle-fish.

The only drawback

so far met …

the threat of getting

very wet!