“Star Wars Character Poem” by Penny Szentkuti

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Obi-Wan is quiet and measured.

He fights with considerable skill.

Once Anakin’s friend and later his foe,

He shows a true Jedi’s will.


Jabba the Hut is a toady slug

Who rules with a slimy fist.

But Princess Leia brings him down

With a flick of her powerful wrist.


Yoda very powerful is,

and small and wise and green.

Though old, he is fast and agile

When battling Palpatine.


Darth Maul’s head is patterned and horned.

His double lightsaber burns red.

He is a great Sith warrior

who survives when he should be dead.


C-3PO always steals the show

With his fluster and comical yelp.

He’s useful and loyal, though not very brave,

He’s a droid who is programmed to help.


Jango Fett is a bounty hunter

Who battled with Obi-Wan.

An army was formed of his clones,

One of which he kept as a son.


Chewbacca is hairy and vocal,

A wookie, a pilot, a friend.

Saved from a muddy dungeon,

He’ll follow Han Solo to the end.


Darth Vader, a black-clad villain,

who went by another name,

Uses the force for evil

And wants Luke to do the same.


Rey is a Jakku scavenger

who finds she is something more.

Her courage and skill in fighting

take her far in the galactic war.

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