The Ballad of Molly Malloo: Part 2 by Chris Owen

The Ballad of Molly Malloo: Part 2



In Stringybark Downs when there’s dew on the ground,

And the larks and the maggies are singing,

When blue skies abound, you can feel all around,

That springtime is finally springing.


And the dung beetle knows when the springtime has sprung,

It’s time to head out and go searching for dung,

For a soft gooey cowpat, though strange it may seem,

To a dung beetle, tastes like a scrumptious ice-cream.


So, this dung beetle flew over valleys and trees,

Till his nose caught the scent of some cows, on the breeze.

And where there are cows you will usually find

That freshly made cowpats are not far behind.


Quickly, the dung beetle had them in sight,

A couple of heifers, one brown and one white,

And he asked in a manner so very polite

(For his parents had taught him his wrong from his right),



“Please spare me a cowpat kind ladies.

Please spare me a cowpat or two.

I’ve just woken up from my slumber,

And I need a nice cowpat to chew.”


These cows, you’ll remember them, Jane and Lorraine,

Looked down in disgust and began to complain.

“Scuttle off! Get away! You’re cramping our style.

You’re simply revolting. You’re filthy! You’re vile!

The farmer is coming. We cannot be seen

With someone whose habits are quite so obscene.”

Oh, crikey! How mean!


Poor dung beetle. Really, what was he to do?

Perhaps they were right. Perhaps it was true.

His tummy was empty. His hunger pangs grew.

So, he slumped by the creek and he sobbed, “Boo-hoo-hoo.”


In Stringybark Downs, there echoed around

The boos and the moos of despair,

As fate brought together this cow and this beetle

With troubles they needed to share.


And she told how The Show was her one little dream,

And he talked about cowpats that taste of ice-cream.

She spoke of those heifers that just didn’t care,

And he said how those sisters had been so unfair.


Sighed the beetle, “We clear up the dung without fuss.

Imagine the mess if it wasn’t for us.”

“I can quite imagine it,” Molly replied,

As beautiful notions welled up from inside,

Until, in her mind, like a bolt from the blue,

A win-win solution just popped into view.

“Eureka!” she shouted, “I know what to do!”


“Clear my whole paddock of dung. That’s the plan.

Eat all my cowpats as quick as you can.

Don’t dilly, don’t dally,” said Molly, “make haste.

The farmer is coming. There’s no time to waste.”


How that dung beetle ate. Oh, he ate himself silly,

Gratefully guzzling dung willy-nilly.

He dined upon cowpats like never before,

Gorging himself till his tummy grew sore,

And full to the brim he could manage no more.


“I’m sorry, I’ve failed,” the dung beetle wailed,

“The plan’s come undone and you’re back to square one.”

Had the plot been a flop? Had her scheme been in vain?

Had Molly’s last hope disappeared down the drain?


To be continued…

2 thoughts on “The Ballad of Molly Malloo: Part 2 by Chris Owen

  1. Though I ain’t a child but I enjoyed the ballad veraciously… It’s amazing, eagerly waiting for the next part.

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