“Poetry in motion” by Jenny Erlanger

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I urge you all to give a miss

to writing poems that start like this.

Your listeners aren’t out there to bore.

You’re bound to captivate them more…


by putting in the grunt and time

and focusing awhile

on finding other ways to rhyme,

a change of writing style


Try to rhyme the firsts and thirds

while also taking care

Lines 2 and 4 conclude with words

that make a rhyming pair…


or take a risk, and aiming high,

just spread your wings and have a try

at branching out and saying goodbye

to standard rhyming mode.


The fourth line, such a sudden end

to three that show a rhyming trend

won’t find its matching, rhyming friend

till three more lines have flowed…


so when you write your rhyming poem,

you now have lots of choice.

With merriment


to give your words their voice.



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