Poem of the Day


Wally’s Folly

My mate Wally had a collie that he gave the name of Molly

And he thought it would be jolly to pull Molly on a trolley,

But poor Molly, when she tried it, was determined not to ride it,

So that once it hit a bump, she decided she would jump.


Now when Molly left the trolley she soon showed me Wally’s folly,

For without the weight of Molly even faster went the trolley

And while Wally tried to race it, he was failing to outpace it,

So it quickly knocked him over, but with luck he fell on clover.


Soon he had a lick from Molly who felt sorry for poor Wally,

But both Wally and his collie just ignored the upturned trolley,

Then with Wally’s heels near bleeding and the collie always leading,

They went back to where they started and much wiser I departed.


Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #27

saffy1Monty says: The prompt had me thinking about the different breeds of dogs and their various temperaments. I then saw the possibilities for some humorous rhyme, featuring a gentle intelligent collie.

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