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Higgeldy Pie . . .


For a balanced diet,

why don’t you try


Higgeldy Pie?


Buy it by the basin

buy it by the jar,

buy it by the kilo

and sing oh la la.


Everyone says

it’ll make you strong —

a buccaneer will tell you

you can’t go wrong


with Broccoli-Broccoli-

Higgeldy Pie.

Come on, risk it,

it’s do or die . . .

Katherine Gallagher
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29

Poem of the Day



by Kaye Baillie


Kale is not a thing of beauty

matt deep green leaves

as dark as night

their underside a network

of wrinkled veins.


ready for the pot

but there is a surprise!

Glistening glass-like watery jewels

shine and shiver

trapped in membrane pockets

soon to be darkened leaves




Poem of the Day

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The Rainbow Fairies

By Bridh Hancock


As I thought that I should die from

Eating what ain’t food for me,

I thought I saw, out through the window,

A rainbow there for me to see.


Now, rainbows bless, with mystic colours,

Evening skies quite magically;

Arching all the way up and over

From here to there — where that may be.


But this was quite another rainbow

Beckoning me to come outside.

How it sparkled in sequined splendor!

I saw Fairies down it slide.


Then they flew up, vanishing skyward —

This as only Fairies might. —

Oh, such beauty! — razzling! dazzling! —

Extra-squisite! What a sight!


The rainbow plonked down in our garden,

Out the back and down the yard,

Awesoming the veggie-patch

Of radish, cabbage (Yuck!) and chard.


I, alone in all the world,

Stopped to stare where, in the mud,

This singularly special, riveting rainbow

Quite transformed our humble spud.


Fairies in twenty different colours

There did spin and dance and sing,

And, having caught my startled attention,

Pointed with finger, toe, and wing


To where grew artichokes, Brussels sprouts,

Caulis and (Blagh! No-thanks!) Broad beans,

Then shouted with the voice of parents,

“Do as you’re told and eat your greens!

Yes, all your veggies and greens!”