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Buccaneer Secrets


When Spanish ships were making trips

To trade and gather treasure,

Crews learned to fear the buccaneer,

Whose boldness knew no measure.


I should be clear, a buccaneer

Was tough and rough and ruthless

He’d climb aboard and use his sword

Or make his victims toothless.


Then, grabbing loot, he’d quickly scoot

Before someone could catch him.

He’d sail away to find more prey;

For daring, few could match him!


But now, today, I need to say

(Though sworn to keep it quiet):

He won’t attack if there’s a lack

Of fibre in his diet!


For I have heard, (it sounds absurd),

He craves a balanced meal,

Including beans and other greens

Before he’ll sail to steal.


Don’t think me wrong. I’ve heard the song

When buccaneers assemble.

They drop their ‘g’s, which does not please,

But these words make me tremble:


“Now bring your bunch of broccoli, boys

And throw it in the basin.

We’ll eat it raw and call for more

Then ships we’ll go a-chasin’!”


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29

Monty says: I began by researching  buccaneers to introduce the poem, then made a first draft of their song about broccoli, which led to the thoughts about fibre and a balanced diet. The concluding verses had to be revised to accommodate the basin and justify the final rhyme.

Poem of the Day



Higgeldy Pie . . .


For a balanced diet,

why don’t you try


Higgeldy Pie?


Buy it by the basin

buy it by the jar,

buy it by the kilo

and sing oh la la.


Everyone says

it’ll make you strong —

a buccaneer will tell you

you can’t go wrong


with Broccoli-Broccoli-

Higgeldy Pie.

Come on, risk it,

it’s do or die . . .

Katherine Gallagher
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29

Poem of the Day


Death on the high seas

Dastardly –
that’s me. Buccaneer
from my head
to peg leg
Cutlass poised, victim green with
fear of what will come
Time balanced
on a honed knife edge
like rain to
a basin. Your end is nigh
broccoli, hold still
Nadine Cranenburgh


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29


Nadine said: I had a go at today’s prompt and used it to try out a new form of poem – a shardorma – which has six lines in each verse with the syllable pattern 3/5/3/3/7/5. Then I scribbled down ideas in this pattern until I had something that made sense… I had a sense of victim and murderous buccaneer and went from there.

Poetry Prompt #29