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A Fairy’s Warning

by Bridh Hancock
A response to William Allingham’s ‘The Fairies’


On the misty mountain, in the gloomy glen,

You dare not go a rambling for fear of ‘little men’,

‘Cause we are bad folk, mad folk. Avoid us all together,

In green cape and red cap and with a purple peregrine’s feather.


Near the rocky sea shore some of us make our abode.

We live on sweet, fresh sea-food cooked on the high tide’s load.

Some live among the reed beds of a chilly mountain lake,

With a hundred noisy watch-frogs; and oh what rest they take!


Humans say we steal their young; ha! We have kids of our own.

What’s the point of having yet more troubles in our home?

We wish humans all were happy, and knew how to behave,

‘Cause if they all were as us, then our world would be safe.

Along the craggy hill-side where mosses all lie bare,

We have planted gorse-bush to keep humans out of there.

If any man so daring should dig them up in spite,

He shall find far sharper thorns in his bed that night.


On the misty mountain, in the gloomy glen,

You dare not go a rambling for fear of ‘little men’,

‘Cause we are bad folk, mad folk, and our women are far worse.

Should you but cross them, then we shall hear you curse.


(Let William Allingham apologise to us.)


Poem of the Day

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The Rainbow Fairies

By Bridh Hancock


As I thought that I should die from

Eating what ain’t food for me,

I thought I saw, out through the window,

A rainbow there for me to see.


Now, rainbows bless, with mystic colours,

Evening skies quite magically;

Arching all the way up and over

From here to there — where that may be.


But this was quite another rainbow

Beckoning me to come outside.

How it sparkled in sequined splendor!

I saw Fairies down it slide.


Then they flew up, vanishing skyward —

This as only Fairies might. —

Oh, such beauty! — razzling! dazzling! —

Extra-squisite! What a sight!


The rainbow plonked down in our garden,

Out the back and down the yard,

Awesoming the veggie-patch

Of radish, cabbage (Yuck!) and chard.


I, alone in all the world,

Stopped to stare where, in the mud,

This singularly special, riveting rainbow

Quite transformed our humble spud.


Fairies in twenty different colours

There did spin and dance and sing,

And, having caught my startled attention,

Pointed with finger, toe, and wing


To where grew artichokes, Brussels sprouts,

Caulis and (Blagh! No-thanks!) Broad beans,

Then shouted with the voice of parents,

“Do as you’re told and eat your greens!

Yes, all your veggies and greens!”