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Mixed-up Banquet


“What’s for dinner?” asked the snail from the rusty garden pail.

“Some lettuce and banana,” cried the skinny, young Iguana.

“The compost heap smells great … Hurry up! You’re running late.”

“I can’t go any faster,” wailed the snail as Ig raced past her.


“What’s for dinner?” asked the kid as he paddled near a squid.

“Some shrimp and little fish,” said the squid. “A tasty dish.

The water’s warm and fine. Come on in so we can dine.”

“The surf’s too deep and rough, so I’ll fetch my brothers Gruff.”


“What’s for dinner?” barked the dog as she raced towards a hog.

“I’m slurping applesauce. Can you guess the second course?”

“A Dagwood Dog or two? I don’t know. Give me a clue.”

“It’s frozen, in a cuppy. Starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘Puppie’.”


“What’s for dinner?” purred the cat on the dusty, worn-out mat.

“Swiss cheese and raisin toast,” squeaked the mouse beside a post.

“I’d rather catch fresh meat,” yawned the cat. “A little treat.

My tummy cries for food and my eyes are set on ___.”


Lynette Oxley


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20

Lynette said: I wanted the poem to have internal rhyme and be a guessing game.

Poem of the Day

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Hello dear Goose

Hello dear Goose, it’s time for tea

So please come over and sit with me

I have some cakes and a sticky bun

I think that we shall have some fun

Buster goat has brought some bread

And although he carried it on his head

With strawberry jam and Vegemite

I’m sure that it will taste alright

Thank you Duck, it does look sweet

I’m glad he didn’t use his feet!


Oh look dear Goose, the Man in the Moon

Do you think that we can go there soon?

Of course Duck dear, we both shall fly

Out of the night, into the sky

Just close your eyes and rest your head

And tuck your feet up in the bed

For when you dream the moon you’ll see

And the Man within shall give you tea!


Oh look dear Goose, it is the sun

Is he smiling down on everyone?

Or is his radiance just for me

For I am a good little duck you see?

Of course Duck dear, he shines for you

And all the other creatures too

He gives us light and makes us warm

And dries us out after a storm

Oh dear Goose, how very clever

I hope the sun shall shine forever!


Rose Roberts


  • Rose has written, illustrated and self published two books for children,  The Adventures of Duck and Goose and Another Adventure for Duck and Goose.  ‘Each ended with a little poem,’ said Rose.  ‘I have continued to write little poems about them.  Duck, Goose and others live with me on a little farm in Verona on the far south coast of NSW.’