Poem of the Day


I’d rather be a pirate


‘I don’t want to be a princess,’

The Princess Carlie said.

‘I’ve no wish to grow my hair out long;

I’ll use a rope instead.

I’ve no need to use these glassware shoes;

I’d rather wear my clogs,

And don’t even get me started

On what’s wrong with kissing frogs.

If you really need a royal,

You might try Gary Brown,

He’d enjoy a regal job

Complete with jewelled crown.

I’d rather be a pirate,

Sail a thousand seas;

Swing gracefully in rigging

Like an acrobat on trapeze.

I’d rather have adventure

Than an adoring crowd,

So you’ll find me on the sea-ways,

Belching very loud.

Jessica Nelson
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #42

Prompt5Jessica said: I wrote this poem for my daughter, who for now likes both pirates and princesses.

Poem of the Day


Pirate plight

by Jenny Erlanger


Though pirates get by

with a patch on one eye

their lives out at sea can be grim.

No wonder they’re mean,

all the pirates I’ve seen

have clearly been missing a limb.

I now understand

all those hooks for a hand,

the clumping around on a peg.

To fit out their ships

for those plundering trips

must cost them an arm and a leg!





Poem of the Day



by Jenny Erlanger


The water beneath us is surging,

the thunder’s creating a din.

and swiftly a sense is emerging

of just what a pickle I’m in.

All hope of a rescue is shrinking,

I’m such a long way from the shore.

I’m trapped on a ship that is sinking

and teeming with pirates galore,

with villains who thirst for a killing,

who’d slice you apart with a hook.

I’m finding this ever so thrilling!

I love getting lost in a book.