Refugee Week

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This week is Refugee Week. Enjoy and please share the poems on this theme.

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Announcement: Forthcoming AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018



And today’s quote:

“Carl August Sandburg was a Swedish-American poet, writer, and editor. He won three Pulitzer Prizes: two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln” (Wiki)


‘Living spaghetti’ by James Aitchison

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Living spaghetti


Wriggle wriggle, squirm squirm,

Here comes a nice long worm.

Like spaghetti come to life,

What a busy earthworm!


Watch it slide and slither,

Oops, it’s in a dither.

Pick it up now if you dare,

Dangle it in the air.


Wriggle wriggle, squirm squirm,

Thank you, thank you, earthworm!

You let our soil grow good things,

Such a helpful earthworm!


James Aitchison

“Ants in my pants” by Jenny Erlanger


Ants in my pants


There’s a bee in my bonnet,

I know I’ll be stung

but I can’t yell for help

’cause the cat’s got my tongue.

I’ve got rocks in my head,

my heart’s on my sleeve,

the frog in my throat

is refusing to leave

and I’m not really sure

what is going to become

of the butterflies fluttering

round in my tum.

To think that I nearly

forgot to include

that my leg is being pulled

and my ear is being chewed!

My patience with you

is just ready to crack.

I lent you a hand

and it hasn’t come back!

So sorry for making

a big song and dance

but there’s more on my mind

than the ants in my pants!

Jenny Erlanger


Prompt #15 “Let’s Pretend”


This week prompt is to write from a child’s perspective. Write a poem about yourself pretending you are a child in which nothing is true.

Please send prompt poems and any other poems to:


I am on LSL from 28/6 to 30/7. My husband and I are travelling with our caravan to the tip of Cape York and as a result we will be out of range at times especially in “The Cape”. To keep things running well I would like to schedule a month ahead for this time. I was thinking that we could have a spotlight month in July in which the regulars send in 3-4 poems and a paragraph of what you are doing re poetry in 2018. I would need 12 of you to contribute to this idea. If you would like to be part of this please send me the poems and paragraph in Word by Friday 22/6.



And todays quote:


“Worm-Farm Blues” by Kate O’Neil




It’s a no-good life livin’ in this worm-farm—

It’s no life a worm would choose.

We’re writhin’ around, tangled and mangled

Topsied and turvied and confused. 

There’s too darn many in this worm-farm

We’ve all got the worm-farm blues.

We loop to and fro 

with nowhere to go

singin’ the worm-farm blues:



We’ve a dream in our head

Of a vegetable bed.

We know it’s not far away.

With room to roam

And plenty of loam.

But we’ll never see that day.

Oh Blues! It’s blues all the way! 

There’s nowhere to go in this chock-a-block worm-farm—

No place where we can snooze.

We twist and we twine, huddled and muddled,

contorted and thwarted and abused.

And all of us here in this worm-farm

are sufferin’ the worm-farm blues.

We’re just ravellin’

Can’t do travellin’

We just sing the worm-farm blues.


Is there anybody there listenin’ to this worm-farm?

Anyone to hear our views?

We tumble in a jumble, pulsing and convulsing.

We’re rumpled and crumpled and bruised.

We‘re goin’ on strike in this worm-farm:

There’ll be no more worm-farm poos!

We hate this scramblin’

We wanna be ramblin’

away from the worm-farm blues.

©  Kate O’Neil

Prompt #14 Poems for Scarlett “Dreams and Imagination”

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Thankyou for the poems sent in. This week we have Scarlett a 10 year old and her request as our focus.

Scarlett would like poems on “Dreams and Imagination”

Hopefully via her Dad  we can get Scarlett to make comments on what she likes about each poem.

Scarlett’s poem

The sun has shone
The stars have twinkled
The clouds have rained
The trees have grown
All together
Make a new life
Please email poems to:



And today’s quote:

Prompt #13 Laughter Time

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Let’s make children laugh………

Look for the child within you and write from there.

Please send poems to:

And Thankyou James for your wonderful poem set in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle looking at the wedding from a mouse’s perspective.



PS I thought this was funny