Rippling Gravity

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Rippling Gravity



A tranquil pond that’s glassy smooth

has surface tensioned skin un-grooved.

No creases spoil its surface layer

when peace and stillness fill the air.


Then one disturbance, pebble’s plop

an insect’s hop or stray raindrop,

creates a pattern we’ve just traced

to forces found in outer space.


Rippled wrinkles, round ornate

make circled waves that radiate

while rising, falling with the force

of gravity, which holds their course.


Space-time’s fabric will behave

in similar ways through gravity waves.

This rippled force from far beyond

makes patterns like our little pond.



by Celia Berrell

Contemplating the topic Secret Spaces makes me think of my own wrinkles!  Oh and ripples in fabric, water and space.  What could be hiding within those folds?  Scientists confirm there are such things as GRAVITY WAVES. These spaces were so secret they went un-detected until only recently.

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