The Reluctant Racehorse” by Monty Edwards


The Reluctant Racehorse

Old Roscoe was a racehorse who no longer wished to run.

He’d had enough of coming last. That didn’t seem like fun.

Each day his trainer woke him with an early morning call, 

But Roscoe still felt sleepy and he wasn’t pleased at all.

He hated the old trailer that would take him to the track,

Nor did he like the jockey who’d be sitting on his back.

His owner, who would watch him train, just wanted extra pace,

But all that Roscoe longed for was to be some other place!


Once, when the trailer halted and glum Roscoe looked about.

He thought he recognised the spot and wanted to be out.

For what he saw was lush green grass and trees providing shade

While underneath those lofty gums a group of children played.

He looked in vain for jockeys, and the grown-ups there were few,

But then he spied the trainer , and the owner with him too.

The trailer door was opened, then the trainer led him out

And that was when the children all at once began to shout.


“It’s him,” they cried. “It’s Roscoe! Maybe Dad will let us ride.”

“Remember, Dad, you promised!”  “Yes, I did,” their Dad replied.

“Old Roscoe’s finished racing. It just seems he’s had enough

Of chasing younger horses  – no more winning. It’s been tough!

The fact is, he was born here, and he loved it from the start,

But when we took him off to race, it seems that broke his heart.

He’s home now. No more racing. He’ll be happy here at last.

Old Roscoe’s found there’s lots you miss when always running fast.”


– Monty Edwards

3 thoughts on “The Reluctant Racehorse” by Monty Edwards

  1. Enjoyed the poem, and the ‘moral’ slipped in at the end as well. Very cheering. Here, in the lead-up to Christmas, i’m trying to find a relaxed half hour. i remember one two weeks ago – i think it was a Thursday. Anyway, well done! Virginia

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