“My Mum” by Toni Newell


My Mum


My mum is the best,

She cooks my favourite meals,

She gives me lots of hugs,

For her I’d do cartwheels.


She does all my washing,

And all my ironing too,

Drives me to footy training,

There’s little I need to do.


She often takes me shopping,

For cloths and shoes and stuff,

I’ve never heard her complain,

Even when things get tough.


She’s a very special person,

Unselfish, loving and kind,

I’m so lucky she’s my mum,

I love her with all my heart and mind.


2 thoughts on ““My Mum” by Toni Newell

  1. I can just hear you reading that lovely heart felt poem.It describes so many mums gifts to their children.

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