Weekly updates

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Here are this week’s updates.



New article:  Entering Poetry competitions

Click here for the link to a guest post by Ashley Capes, on the BusyBird Publishing website, which gives poets ideas how to maximise their chances when entering a poetry competition.



All competitions are now on the main ‘Competitions‘ page – listed in order of deadline submission date.

Please refer for upcoming competition deadlines.

Click here to view: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/competitions/



Former editor of the NSW Department of Education School Magazine, Jonathan Shaw, has posted a great review of Billy that Died with its Boots On by Stephen Whiteside (Walker Books Australia 2014).

Please click here for the link.


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Di Bates

Weekly Updates


Here are this week’s updates.



In May this year, Walker Books is publishing a collection of Stephen Whiteside’s poetry for children, The Billy That Died With Its Boots On and Other Australian Verse.

Dr Stephen Whiteside shares his journey – The Fulfillment of a Lifetime Quest: Writing the Billy That Died With Its Boots On and Other Australian Verse.

Link here:




Don’t forget to check our  Competitions‘ page for end of April submission deadlines.


Writers sought

As per my recent blog post, if you are interested in assisting as a  researcher and writer for the Australian Children’s Poetry blog site, more information can be found here:



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Di  Bates

Friday update

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Just advising you of new information and links that have been added to the site pages this week.




Please remember to check the  Competitions page for ‘fast approaching’ deadlines.

New competitions have been added:

  • Children’s Poetry Anthology on Food and Agriculture – submission deadline:  14 June  2014
  • Peace Train Poetry Festival – submission deadline 30 June 2014

To view all the competitions just click on the ‘Competitions’ title to view listings on the one page. Competitions are listed in order of their deadline date.



If you are interested in an interview with the well-known ‘peace poet’, Professor Ada Aharoni, click on the interview link here: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/interviews/peace-poet-ada-aharoni/



New links have been added here: https://australianchildrenspoetry.com.au/links/new-links/


Poets A-Z:

Two poet bios have been added to our growing list of talented Australian poets.

All listed poets can be viewed here or via the drop down menu (Poets A-Z).


That’s it for this week’s updates.